The Cullinan Diamond is a HUGE rough cut diamond discovered in South Africa in the Premier Mine in 1905. Fredrick Wells, a superintendent of the mine looked above him and spotted the 3106 carat diamond in the wall. He scaled the wall and removed the largest diamond crystal ever found.

The Cullinan diamond was cut into 9 major pieces, and 96 smaller diamonds. Each major diamond is part of the British Crown Jewel collection.

Cut from the gargantuan Cullinan diamond, the Star of Africa diamond weighs 530.2 carats. It is pear shaped, with 74 facets.  Today, this beautiful diamond is set in the Scepter with the Cross, and is traditionally used as a part of the coronation ceremonies.

The Cullinan II is a 317 carat cushion cut diamond, set in the imperial state crown. The Cullinan III is a 94 carat stone set in the crown of Queen Mary.

The Imperial State Crown

We absolutely love these diamonds, and all diamonds for that matter! Which of these is your favorite? Do you have any other famous diamonds that you adore? Would you consider diamonds in your wedding bands?