Burnsville, MN – WeddingBands.com released a new sizing convertor and calculator that allows international customers to calculate their U.S. ring size.  The simple to use convertor and calculator converts sizes from six different countries as well as diameter and inner circumference and can be found on the Ring Sizing Help page.

WeddingBands.com hopes to make it easier for international customers to know which U.S. size equals the sizes internationally. The ring size application takes into account American, Japanese, British, French, German, and Swiss sizes.  Even people who know the diameter of a current ring or have measured the circumference of their finger can use the tool to find their U.S ring size.

Another feature of the application is the ability for other websites to take the code and use the application for their own website.  It is customizable with nine different colors and two sizes, so it will fit a multitude of website designs.

To use the application, visit the Ring Sizing Calculators Page and customize the ring sizing application. After the desired look is attained, copy the script on the right and paste it into any section of a website.

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