Measuring Size of Wedding Bands Correctly

Measuring Size of Wedding Bands Correctly

There are many tables showing the size conversion of a ring from one country’s measurements to the other country’s  measurements; but very few publications showing how to measure a finger size correctly for different styles wedding bands.


Many jewelers are measuring the size of  wedding bands incorrectly.


In we measure the ring size based on the smallest internal diameter of the ring. Wedding bands are made different thickness, width, and profile.

Some are made flat inside, some the edges are slightly curved inside and some inside is round where the narrowest part of the ring is in the middle.

Normally ring size should be measured by inside diameter. The smallest inside diameter should specify the size of the ring.

See figure 1 for different made rings should be measured differently on a jeweler mandrel.



Figure: 2 Ring Size Converter-Calculator

Wedding Bands That Will Prove You’re In Love

Wedding Bands That Will Prove You’re In Love

It’s finally happening. You’ve found the love of your life and you’re discussing spending that life together forever. When you’re looking for wedding bands as a symbol of your love, regardless of whether this is your first time getting married or you’ve found a second chance, wedding bands from us are artfully crafted and thoughtfully made.

Whether you’re interested in only one type of precious metal, or maybe a combination, we have everything you need right here to get you started on representing your love. Here we discuss why is the ideal place to buy your wedding bands.

3 Great Reasons To Choose Wedding Bands From Us

We all know that wedding bands have a significance in our culture, and cultures all around the world. It symbolizes wholeness, perfection, unity. It has no beginning and no end, just like the vows you make when you get married. But why buy them from us?

Wedding Bands Offers a Lifetime Warranty

Not only are our wedding bands of the highest quality, but we also have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects, should you have any. We also offer a money back guarantee on the off chance you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase.

At, we value your satisfaction, and we work hard to make sure you get exactly what you want. We don’t sell gold plated or hollow rings. All  our wedding bands are solid 14k or 18k gold, or 950-platinum and 950-palladium. We pride ourselves on bringing something that not only symbolizes love, but on being your go to source for rings that you will love.

We Offer Manufacturing With CNC Machines

One of the best things about is the fact that we utilize the creation of the artisans using CAD-CAM systems. This includes the latest high precision CNC machines to create unique wedding bands for men and women. The age we are in now is groundbreaking in terms of wedding jewelry designs. A lot of that progress is leading to more elegant engravings and smoother lines.

We also use only the highest quality of precious metals and diamonds for both men’s and women’s rings. We utilize hand fabrication, which means that after the basic frame has been created, we blend hand fashioned Rose Gold and White Gold Ringcomponents of platinum and gold twists, wires, and braids so that every tiny detail complement each other.

Endless Options and Outstanding Customer Service

There are so many wedding bands and so many different options to choose from when you order from We are in the business of helping you find exactly what you’re looking for, and if you can’t find it, we have the capabilities to make it custom just for you! Browse by category, by material, ring type and more.

And when you’re having issues ordering, or have questions our FAQ section can’t answer, we have a team of dedicated team members who welcome your questions and feedback. Let us help you through the process of choosing wedding bands for the love of your life.

Once you browse through our high quality wedding bands, you’ll have no problem seeing why we are one of the leading experts for ordering wedding bands online. When it comes to that special someone in your life, whether you’re getting engaged, renewing your vows, or just winning your anniversary, we have everything you need to blow your significant other away.


The Top 5 Trends for 2016 Wedding Bands

The Top 5 Trends for 2016 Wedding Bands

Every year millions of couples plan their weddings and the start of the rest of their lives. Whether you’re searching for a classic wedding band, diamond wedding ring, or a piece of contemporary art to occupy your ring finger, here are some trends to keep an eye out for 2016.
5.) Sleeker Lines: With more bridal jewelry designed by CAD programs and created using advanced robotic machinery, we’re in an age of physic defying jewelry designs. Part of that progress means more defined and finished lines in bridal ring designs.

Rose Gold and White Gold Wedding Band

Look for more elegant carving and etchings throughout rings. It’s where science meets art as deco designs with smooth lines make way for evolved ivy and floral etchings.
4.) Color Stones: Black diamonds, lavender sapphires, and color gemstones Oh My! 2016 will see a rise of more bridal jewelry incorporating color precious stones throughout the designs. Diamond eternity rings, may come with sapphires and secret settings for on the side or in the shank may offer more color. Diamond-Sapphire Wedding Band
We will see more people using gemstones with the same color theme as their weddings. As well as, diamonds with other precious gemstones. Emeralds, rubies, pink sapphires, and color diamonds.

3.) Rose and White Gold Two-Tone Wedding Bands: We’ve seen it more and more in years past; adding rose gold to white gold to create an elegant and modern Wedding ring. Rose Gold offers a contrast that’s both unique and classic in ways many other trends cannot. Two-Tone Gold wedding Band
Taking it a step further we may see more teal gold pop up as well. With a pastel look that offers an interesting and elegant sheen to the gold. Both rose and teal gold will be partnered up with white to create beautiful wedding rings.

2.) Stories: Everyone wants to be able to tell a story about the wedding band that represents their eternal love. The history of the ring, who made it, what the design was inspired by, and even where the gold and diamonds came from are all fair game.
Who can blame people for wanting this? It’s far more romantic knowing your wedding ring came from someplace special than the factory it was built in. At the end of the day, as buyers we’re looking to differentiate ourselves from the next person. With over 5,000 unique styles made to order on we can guarantee a unique wedding band made for you and only you.

1.) Lacy Finishes: With the increase in technology in jewelry making you’ll see plenty of lacy, thinner, designs that previously were difficult or even impossible to make. Start browsing lacy finishes to wedding rings here with the Verona Lace Line, which are modeled after the forever love between Romeo and Juliet. Verona-Lace, Romeo-Juliet Line, Juliet

Complex lace designs all along the top of the ring is an instant classic design that even though is modern will be around for years to come.

8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Band and Save Some Money

It is said a wedding band has no beginning or end, which represents the boundless love and devotion that a marriage provides. Your perfect wedding band is the emblem of love you show to the world and something you will wear for the rest of your love. With such massive responsibility tasked to a tiny ring, it is no wonder shopping for the perfect ring can be stressful for bride and groom.
However, the right guidance makes this tradition not only hassle-free, but save you cash in the process. Below you will find eight tips that will help your search for the perfect wedding band.

1.) Know your size
This will not only save a lot of back and forth sizing and resizing but it can help cut those costs. Knowing your correct size is the first piece of information needed when buying your perfect wedding band. offers a free ring sizing kit to anyone who wants to size their finger from home.
A proper fit for a ring is for the ring to go on with ease, and come off with some resistance. The ring should be comfortable on your finger, but if you’ve never worn a ring before, it may take a couple of days to get used to the ring.

2.) Comfort fit vs. Non-Comfort Fit.
The differences between comfort fit and non-comfort fit rings are minuscule in features but massive in characteristics. Comfort fit wedding rings could be slightly thicker all around the ring and have a curved edge to them so slides on your finger easily.

3.) Find the metal that fits your style and feel.
Everything that sparkles in jewelry is not gold. While the vast majority of wedding bands still sold are made of precious metals like gold wedding bands, palladium and platinum wedding bands. Gold wedding bands stamped as 14K, 18K or 585 and 750 to show the purity of the gold. Platinum and palladium wedding bands stamped as 900, 950 “Palladium” or “Plat”. carries only 950- palladium and 950-platinum. Make sure the manufacturer’s trade mark and metal content is stamped inside the ring. Not only will your gold, platinum and palladium wedding band be priceless to you, it will also be priceless to your children.
Recently alternative metals such as titanium, tungsten carbide, and cobalt chrome are being used in wedding bands.
Both traditional and alternative metals have their benefits and detriments. Gold, palladium, and platinum will last longer and can be sized if needed; while titanium, tungsten, and cobalt chrome are budget friendly alternatives and the rings cannot be sized.
The material of your ring can determine not only the cost, but also the weight, color, and overall style. Whether you want a shiny, brilliant or a dull, matte look your metal choice will play a large part in this. Another piece to this is the finish of the metal.

4.) Know the metal finish that best fits your style.
Every ring style can have an infinite number of looks just by changing the finish of the metal. The finish can range from a basic high polish to a hammered finish and everything in between.
A wedding ring’s style can be customized through the metal’s finish. A matte, sandblasted finish can make a plain ring more dramatic. A Florentine or brushed finish can ensure small scratches will not be noticeable. Look through all the possible finishes and talk to your jeweler to ensure they understand the look you want.

5.) Narrow or wide band?

6.) What message do you want to engrave in your wedding bands?
The inside of your band is a perfect place to engrave a secret message or simply the date of your wedding.

7.) Take your time.
A wedding band that will become the most important piece of jewelry you own is not something to compromise on. While most purchases for the wedding last a day or a month; the wedding band will be worn for the rest of your life.
It is recommended to shop for your wedding bands well before the wedding. This will give you time to explore your options to find the perfect wedding bands for you and your partner to wear forever.

8.) Know your diamonds and the 4Cs.
Usually you would see this tip for engagement rings. However, diamonds in wedding rings are seeing a resurgent in the last 5 years so it is important to know what kind of diamonds you are buying.
The 4Cs of diamond buying are simple enough in concept; cut, color, clarity, and carat; but details of each get confusing due to fact that we assign massive value difference to tiny differences in rocks.
To keep it simple for your sanity follow this simple guide. Everything VS in clarity or better looks the same to the naked eye. Some jewelers use lower clarity and charge the same as though they are higher clarity. Make sure you know what you are buying.
Color of the diamonds is graded using letters between D-Z. Where D-J are colorless and near colorless and K-Z color show some tint of yellow and are less desirable. It is difficult tell the difference between colors D to H when set in a ring. The better cut diamonds sparkles more where poor cut diamonds sparkle less. Carat is the weight of a diamond and total carat weight is the total weight of all the diamonds in the ring.

Grown Diamonds & Natural Diamonds

Grown Diamonds & Natural Diamonds

There are many heated discussions, seminars and articles written lately about this subject about diamonds; and some confusing advertisements. As long as the lab grown diamonds can be identified their value will never be the same as rare natural diamonds. In fact, the easier production technologies developed the lower the value will be. Diamonds Supply-Demand
Value comes from supply and demand.
Gem industry is not independent of this relation. That has been tested in Lab Grown Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and other gems.
Lab grown emeralds or rubies could be better looking gems than natural ones but they are not valued on the same scale.
The same thing is valid for diamonds, coins, and art pieces. A reproduction of a Rembrandt could be as beautiful as the real one; but the value will be a value for reproduction, not the value of a real one. Wedding bands made with moissanite instead of diamonds, could be as beautiful as natural wedding bands; but they will never have the value of the real ones.

Eternity Band Diamonds

Diamond Eternity Band

We have seen this trend in lab created rubies, emeralds and sapphires too.
So far the lab grown diamonds whether are produced with HPHT or CVD are identifiable; so as moissanites and any other imitation. The price of moissanite and other lab grown gems started high and went down by time. The easier, better cheaper production methods develop; the lower the value becomes. That same process was valid for emeralds, sapphires, emeralds etc. That does not mean lab grown gems are less beautiful. can manufacture the diamond wedding bands, anniversary rings or eternity bands using either real or lab grown diamonds. From the experience we have seen in rubies, emeralds, moissanites, etc. we can conclude that lab grown diamonds will always be less valuable. Their value will go down as long as they can be identified; because they are not natural, they are not real, they are not rare.
Real is rare, real is beautiful.