How to order special anniversary bands?

How to order special anniversary bands?

Renewing vows is a popular trend for couples who want to celebrate their anniversary in a special way. Another popular trend is to exchange anniversary bands, to commemorate the years spent together. So, what is special about these bands and how to order anniversary rings for men and women?

Find out by going through the following pointers:

1) Ditch the old rules: There is an entire list of anniversary gifts, which are associated with each milestone anniversary celebrated by a couple. For instance, it is said that they should exchange tin or aluminum gifts on their 10th anniversary and gold on their 50th! Surely, no one is eager to wait that long to get a gift of their choice!

Ditch the age-old conventions and exchange rings with your life-partner whenever you want to, maybe on your third, sixth or even first year together! If you are the one who’s gifting your partner the ring, then this gesture is definitely going to catch him/her off guard and give him/her the best (and perhaps the easiest) surprise ever.

2) Customize it: The anniversary rings are going to remind you of the special bond between you and your partner. Therefore, you need to make sure that a lot of effort goes in choosing the right kind of rings. One of the ways to do so is to customize the rings. Get your partner’s initials engraved on the ring along with the year of the anniversary or opt for a special message or symbol. This will make the ring more special and make it a great gift.

3) Coordinate: You can coordinate the bands to match with your partners. For instance, you can opt for the same style, metal or gemstone for men’s and women’s rings. Alternatively, you can opt for the same ring design as the ones on your wedding and engagement rings.

4) Ask for special packing: An anniversary is a special milestone in a couple’s life. When you gift the rings, make it a point to pack it in a special way for your partner. Ask the store/online store from where you are buying the ring from to wrap it in special packaging. Or you too can get creative and wrap the gift yourself. This will add more value to the gift.

I hope that the information is useful for you to purchase an anniversary ring for your spouse. Do you have any other tips for the readers? Let us know by posting a comment.

Wedding Band Trends

Wedding Band Trends

Purchasing wedding bands? We think that the best thing to decide on is bands that are unique to you and your fiancé, matching your individual styles and tastes. Here are some of our favorite trends in current wedding bands.

Eternity Bands:

Many brides today love the idea of having diamonds on both their engagement ring and on their wedding bands. Eternity bands are a beautiful way to compliment your engagement ring.

Stacked Wedding Rings:

This trend is a wonderful way to create a ring that is entirely your own. Stacking 2 or three rings can be a beautiful alternative to the traditional single band. Also, starting with one and adding more bands later creates a built-in anniversary gift for the years to come.
Stackable Wedding Rings :  wedding Tiffany tiffany.jpg
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Engraving makes every ring a touch more personal, with a message inscribed on the inside of the band. Here at, we offer free engraving!

Colored Stones:

We love the idea of including colored stones in wedding bands. From sapphires to rubies, there are a plethora of options.

We also love the idea of combining a few of these trends together! The most important thing is that you love your ring, and will love wearing it everyday! The selection is vast, and possibilities are endless, so find a band that is the perfect representation of your love for each other.

All About Gems: Aquamarine

All About Gems: Aquamarine

March is a time of renewal, spring is in the air and the effects of winter start to wear off.   What better stone than that of Aquamarine to ring in this time of renewal!  This stone is the birthstone of March.  Its luscious blue hue would make a lovely adornment to any ring.   

The word Aquamarine, itself is a derivative from the 16th century Latin word meaning, sea water.  Mythical tales do not escape this sea like stone either—the origin of aquamarine has said to have been held captive in the deep ocean blue in the treasure chests of mermaids.  The blue and bluish green color of the infamous stone originates from is the miraculous and broad variety of the ocean’s color pallet.  Aquamarine has a color palette that ranges from light to medium blue hues to greenish blue colors.  Aquamarine is the perfect description of the colors that run with this beautiful gem, as it fully covers the full range of colors available.  The darker, more deep ocean like colors are said to be the more valuable shade of this gorgeous gem, but even the sky blue hues make any look priceless. 

Aquamarine has numerous legends and folklore that surrounds the precious stone.  Mainly though this stone is considered and believed to be the stone of happiness and everlasting youth.  This beautiful shade evokes good feelings and the feeling of warmth and love within an individual.  This stone has been said to promote harmony and everlasting relationships, perfect for marriages, as it brings about a happy union. 

While the legend of happiness has been sustained through out the ages it has also been said that aquamarine has the ability to induce sleep in its beholder.  This quality of aquamarine makes it the perfect stone for those who suffer from insomnia. Other popular tales of aquamarine say that if the stone itself is soaked in water it has the ability to reduce eye troubles and cases of the hiccups. 

You must be wondering by now, where in the world is the beautiful stone found, so I can add it to my collection.  Well, the answer is simple!  This stone is found in numerous parts of the world, with the most famous being the exotic country of Brazil.  Over time Brazil has produced some of the largest and rarest of aquamarine gems.   Other places around the globe include Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia, and India.  To care for these precious stones, simply use warm water and a mild soap to ensure the lasting beauty of your gem. 

With breathtaking color variations and versatility for everyday wear, aquamarine is the perfect gemstone for any and everyone.  It may bring happiness and joy to any relationship or friendship with the beautiful blue aquamarine ring, necklace or any staple piece of jewelry, or it could be a perfect way to bring about an everlasting union by adorning your wedding bands with this beautiful stone. 

All About Gems: Amethyst

All About Gems: Amethyst


February is filled with love and happens to be quite a popular month to give that special someone a great piece of jewelry!  Amethyst is a beautiful precious stone that will bring joy to anyone receiving them. 

Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a beautiful purple hue that has been the favorite among royalty for centuries.  The royal color has had many different stories and tales linked to the gorgeous gem, but none rival the legend that surrounds the stones origin.  This story dates back to the days of Greek mythology.  As the story goes, Bacchus, the God of Wine, was angered by a mere mortal and swore revenge on the next mortal who dared cross his path.  Unbeknownst to the lovely young Amethyst, who was on her way to pay tribute to the Goddess Diana, she was the next mortal to cross the angered Bacchus’ path.   In order to make the next mortal pay the price for angering a God, Bacchus created deadly tigers to attack the next passerby.  Seeing the impending danger for young Amethyst, the Goddess Diana turned the beauty into a statue of crystalline quartz in order to save her from the tigers reach.  Seeing this beautiful young girl, forever immortalized into statue form, Bacchus wept tears of wine, staining the statue of young Amethyst purple.   

The history and legends of this beautiful stone doesn’t end there.  This gem is in the British Royal jewels collection held in the Tower of London.  Leonardo Da Vinci also adored this gem. He said it had power to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken one’s intelligence.  Amethyst is not only a popular stone for everyone, but it is closely tied and celebrated especially by the clergy.  Amethyst is said to encourage celibacy and symbolize piety, core strengths and values of the clergy.  From these traditions, amethyst became a very important ornamentation within the Catholic Church and has been through out the ages.  Amethyst has also been popularized by Bishops, earning it the nickname, the “Bishops Ring”, as it symbolizes the core values of the Church. 

This stone has legends as notorious as its supposed mythological beginnings.  With the tale of Bacchus, the God of Wine, being the creator of the colored stone, it is only fitting that the most notorious legend behind that of amethyst is the tale of its antidote against drunkenness.  Through the years, amethyst has become the gem that has symbolized sobriety and has became the popular choice amongst individuals to prevent drunkenness, as well as the symptoms and side effects of drunkenness.  Due to this element, amethyst has been the gem of choice for decorating the goblets that are used during various ceremonies in which wine is consumed by individuals.  This has become a popular tradition when wine is used for ceremonial efforts.  

With amethyst’s immense popularity through out the centuries, sources of this precious purple stone are equally as popular.  Amethysts are mined all over the world in such exotic locations as Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Zambia, Madagascar and Uruguay. These beautiful stones are sought after for their beautiful display of color ranging from the deepest purples to light, delicate lilac hues.  The most valuable types of amethyst range in the deep purples of the color scale.  Even more rare amethysts with deep purple characteristics along with flashes of a beautiful rose color throughout fetch an even greater price.  

With such brilliance and beauty you will want this stone to last you a lifetime and beyond.  Therefore, cleaning and caring for this precious stone is a must.  Over time the brilliance and luster of the stone itself can dull and fade away.  Periodic cleanings of amethyst become an integral part of caring for the life of your stone.  In order to keep your stone clean, use a soft cloth along with warm water.  

This stone has priceless beauty that would be a delightful gift for anyone!  This stone, which is rich in history, would make the perfect gift for your special Valentine or loved one with their birth date in February.  The pretty purple amethyst also is a perfect stone for adding a bit of color to your jewelry collection.   

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Wedding Band Trends of 2010!

Wedding Band Trends of 2010!

Every year passes and trends in weddings and wedding bands changes.  Looking back at 2010, there were many different styles that were popular. Here are 5 of the top trends in wedding bands that were seen in 2010, that are sure to last a lifetime. 

Antique Band

  1. Diamond Eternity Bands:  Diamonds are forever!  What a better way to signify your love for eternity than with a band completely full of diamonds?  This has been a HOT trend for 2010, for both men and women’s wedding bands!  This style adds a touch of glamour and sparkle.  This everlasting sparkle displays diamonds encompassing the band as a whole and will sure to be a trend that will glitter for a lifetime together! Eternity bands are the perfect way to express your eternal love and devotion to one another!  
  2. Antique Wedding Bands:  What is old is brand new again!  Antique wedding bands became rapidly popular in 2010 and will probably continue into 2011.  Antique designs encompass delicate and subtle details such as milgrain designs, pave diamonds as well as scroll like engraving.  This style will offer timeless grace and elegance.
  3. Handmade Wedding BandsHandmade bands incorporate an eclectic style of braided and roped designs, made by expert jewelers with extreme precision and attention to detail.  Offering the individual a unique option to the classical tradition. 
  4. Colored Stones:  Color stones were big this year.  From engagement rings to wedding bands, many couples incorporated rubies, sapphires, and emeralds into their wedding bands.  They also included stones that signified something personal between each other.
  5. Custom Bands:  Many wanted something completely unique and personal to their relationship with each other. Custom wedding rings and engagement rings were another popular trend in 2010 and hopefully continue in 2011. Custom bands allow you to create your own design. The possibilities are endless. 

Whatever your sense of style, fashion or taste, these were 5 of the big wedding ring trends of 2010. Many will continue into this year.