The Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan Diamond is a HUGE rough cut diamond discovered in South Africa in the Premier Mine in 1905. Fredrick Wells, a superintendent of the mine looked above him and spotted the 3106 carat diamond in the wall. He scaled the wall and removed the largest diamond crystal ever found.

The Cullinan diamond was cut into 9 major pieces, and 96 smaller diamonds. Each major diamond is part of the British Crown Jewel collection.

Cut from the gargantuan Cullinan diamond, the Star of Africa diamond weighs 530.2 carats. It is pear shaped, with 74 facets.  Today, this beautiful diamond is set in the Scepter with the Cross, and is traditionally used as a part of the coronation ceremonies.

The Cullinan II is a 317 carat cushion cut diamond, set in the imperial state crown. The Cullinan III is a 94 carat stone set in the crown of Queen Mary.

The Imperial State Crown

We absolutely love these diamonds, and all diamonds for that matter! Which of these is your favorite? Do you have any other famous diamonds that you adore? Would you consider diamonds in your wedding bands?

Kim Kardasian’s Wedding Registry

Kim Kardasian’s Wedding Registry

After receiving her 20.5 carat diamond engagement ring from fiancé Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian has started planning for the upcoming nuptials, starting with her wedding registry. Known for her sophisticated taste, Kardashian registered at Williams Sonoma and Geary’s of Beverly Hills. So what made her wish list?

The future Mrs. Humphries registered for everything from dinner napkins for $12.50 apiece, to Hermes dinnerware at $100-$304 per item, a $1600 Scandinavian-designed teapot, and a Baccarat crystal vase for $7,850.

Khloe Kardashian, Kim’s sister, already said the wedding will be “royal wedding number two.” If this registry is any indication of the extravagance of the wedding ceremony, it seems that she may be accurate.  However, critics say that she should have opted for charitable donations in lieu of gifts. What do you think of her registry?

June Jewelry Auction returns to the States! In NYC!!

June Jewelry Auction returns to the States! In NYC!!

Christie’s is jumping back across the pond for an exciting auction this June in the States!  Bringing its famous auction house back stateside, Christie’s is hosting an auction in none other than New York City, and is bringing a bevy of beautiful baubles along with it!

Christie’s has an immense amount of beautiful and “important” diamonds for its latest show and is expected to earn well over $8 million dollars in its New York City auction held on June 14.  From the utterly beautiful to those from collections of “distinguished” individuals, this auction is set, and will not disappoint.

Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Christie's

Highlights of this show include a brilliant E color diamond ring set in platinum.  This oval shaped stunner consists of 46.51 carats and is flanked on both sides by one carat diamonds.  This incredible ring comes from a collection of a “affluent and distinguished” individual, with no more clues of that individual’s identity.  Christie’s is expecting to sell this beautiful bauble for anywhere between $2.5 million to $3.5 million at the auction.

A little bit out of your price range?  No need to worry, Christie’s is also showcasing another beautiful diamond ring in its June auction.  This very important diamond ring is set in platinum and boasts a 10.01 carat pear shaped diamond.  The center stone of this gorgeous ring is graded as a D color diamond.  It is also flanked on either side with smaller pear shaped diamonds, approximately 1.02 carats total.  At the New York City auction, Christie’s is expecting this ring to sell between $1.1 million and $1.5 million dollars.

Overall, Christie’s will not fail to disappoint in its visit stateside for their June 14th auction in New York City!  Check out these beautiful stunners and what else the esteemed auction has in store in June!!

All About Gems: Diamonds

All About Gems: Diamonds

Diamonds are forever and relatively speaking, they have been around forever!  The diamonds that are set into your beautiful diamond ring are in fact the oldest thing that you will ever own.  The “youngest” of these precious stones that you could be displaying on your finger would be approximately 50 million years old.  This age range for diamonds could be as old as 2.5 billion years, now that’s an antique!


Diamonds through out their lifetime have carried several different and ornate histories.  They also carry numerous myths and legends that are associated with history.  Some outlandish myths about diamonds range from the stone having the ability to perform magic, have healing powers, grant protection for the bearer of the stone and in some instances induce poisoning.  Outlandish and remarkable become an understatement for the myths that surround this stone. Diamond, the name itself comes from 12th Century Greek meaning invincible or unconquerable for its hardness qualities. 

The myths and legendary tales of diamonds began as far back as Roman times.  Those stories were recorded in Roman literature.  Stories suggest that Romans believed that diamonds were in fact tears from the gods and splinters of falling stars.  Myths of this beautiful stone do not end there in Roman literature.  The Romans believed that Cupid’s faithful arrows were in fact tipped in diamonds and thus possessed the ability to have magical powers.  Diamonds also captured the attention of famous philosopher Plato.  He wrote of these gems as living organisms, which possessed celestial beings.  Romans loved to possess diamonds due to the fact that they believed the gem had broad magical powers.  Diamonds, amongst other powers were believed to cure life’s troubles and bring about power, strength, invincibility, bravery and courage to those lucky enough to behold the beautiful gem.

In mid-evil times, kings lead their men into battle donning a breast plate that was to be covered in diamonds along with other gems stones which each had a unique magical power.  Diamonds were important to this plate because they believed diamonds gave magical powers far beyond meaning and power of man.  Therefore, it was essential for kings above anyone else to be donned in diamonds. 

Diamonds were held in particular high esteem from 1214 to 1270 in France, when they were especially designated for use by the king only.  King Louis IX of France established a law that would grant the use of diamonds for the king.  This fact just indicates the rarity of diamonds of the time, and their overall worth through out time.  During this time, diamonds were used for representing honor, strength, invincibility and courage of the leader. 

During the 14th century, a small number of diamonds began to be seen in European regalia and jewelry designs.  Diamonds, at this time, were seen as a sign of love and devotion.  Many of the designs used pearls as an accent gem along with the diamond.  Although the popularity of diamonds was becoming more mainstream, noble and large diamonds were still privileged to Royals and houses of the affluent. 

Since the beginning of diamond’s popularity, they were said to contain numerous characteristics and were able to grant the beholder numerous qualities that they may not have possessed without the stone.  Some virtues that were instilled within the stone were that diamonds are supposed to impart virtue upon its holder, and bring a generous heart to the owner.  Diamonds were also said to bring their owners luck and success.  Diamonds through out their history were talisman, to ward off the potential of poisoning, and overall protection for the traveler. 

Overall the gem of diamond has a full and illustrious history of myths and legendary tales from its inception and its use in cultures.  There is an immense amount of knowledge and characteristics that surround this beautiful stone.  When purchasing diamonds be sure to keep in mind all the myths, legends, and folklore that surrounds this bright, shiny, beautiful gem!

Sotheby’s “Magnificient Jewels” Auction breaks Records

In New York, NY last week, Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels” spring auction was breaking all sorts of records.  Sotheby’s topped a record-breaking $39.4 million dollars , and the highest ever total for their spring jewelry auction, ever.

Held on April 14th, 2011, ‘Magnificent Jewels’ brought jewelry lovers great pieces such as a 30 carat emerald cut diamond.  The D-colored diamond boasted a $3.4 million dollars sales tag.  Purchased by Essex Global, the gem was the highest selling bauble of the whole auction.  The next highest selling gem was a gorgeous 3 carat marquise shaped, fancy blue color diamond.  This gem was sold for just under the emerald cut diamond, at $3.3 million in the auction. 

Auction holder’s, Sotheby’s, was ecstatic about the turn out of their spring sale, noting that collectors were more willing to purchase, and  make big purchases at that.  Sotheby’s will also hold other jewelry auctions this spring, with a unique emerald and diamond tiara on the block in the near future.