4 Types of classic wedding rings having the ‘Celtic’ touch

4 Types of classic wedding rings having the ‘Celtic’ touch

Classic Wedding Bands

It is not difficult to find classic wedding rings. But it is difficult to find the perfect ring that your partner loves and appreciates. One of the best options when it comes to classic wedding rings is a Celtic ring. These rings are quite popular with couples in every corner of the world and can be used both as classic men’s wedding bands or women’s wedding bands.

Celtic jewelry are based on Celtic tradition and history. They have a special meaning and a historical significance. This is the reason why these rings are the perfect choice for couples who are getting married.

Here are some of the most common types of classic wedding rings with the “Celtic” touch.

  • The Claddagh ring: The Claddagh ring is a type of ring that consists of clasped hands in its design. A part of ancient Irish traditions, this ring symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty.  The three basic design features of such rings include:
    • Two hands – These symbolize friendship
    • A heart – It symbolizes love
    • A crown – It symbolizes loyalty

Dating back to the 17th Century, these rings are perfect for engagements and weddings. You can opt for this design in platinum, white gold or silver. The heart of the ring can include a gemstone of your choice such as – diamonds, sapphire, topaz, ruby or emerald. Similarly, you can opt for other variations of the ring depending upon your requirements.

  • The Emerald Ring: Emeralds is a common gemstone used in Celtic wedding and engagement rings. In Irish tradition, the stone represents successful love, a balance and harmony between partners, friendship, infinite patience and unconditional love. You can opt for a number of Celtic ring designs with emeralds, which look unique and can be used as an alternative to diamond wedding rings.
  • The Triquetra Ring: The infinity knot is a special feature of many Celtic rings. Triquetra is one of the most famous knots also known as infinity knot or love knot and translates to ‘three-cornered’. The designs in such rings appear as three triangles that are interlaced and seem to form an infinite pattern. The knot can be engraved on a plain wedding band or can appear around a central gemstone.
  • The Gimmal Ring: A Gimmal ring is basically a puzzle, which can be broken into three sections. One section is given to the girl at the time of proposal, the second is kept with the groom and the third is given to the priest. During the wedding, these three sections are pieced together and form the bride’s wedding ring.

We find Celtic rings to be very unique, especially due to the rich traditions associated with them. What do you think?

Sister, Sister star gets married!

Sister, Sister star gets married!

Courtesy of People

The intimate ceremony was attended by about 300 special guests, who are very close to the happy couple.  Set on a vineyard, Mowry walked down the aisle in a gorgeous Carolina Herrera gown.  Accompanied by her twin, mom to be Tia Mowry, the couple exchanged traditional vows, and honored both of their parents in the ceremony. 

The overall feel of the wedding was of love, as Mowry said she was marrying her “best friend”.  The couple opted for a classic, sophisticated yet laid back vineyard look and feel for their guests when enjoying themselves at the reception.  The rustic vineyard reception was a delight, which saw the bride costume change multiple times, each time a more and more gorgeous gown.  The couple gave their guests a late night treat of a taco truck and other various desserts. 

Guests echoed Mowry’s sentiments saying, “You can tell they are best friends”.

All About Gems: Aquamarine

All About Gems: Aquamarine

March is a time of renewal, spring is in the air and the effects of winter start to wear off.   What better stone than that of Aquamarine to ring in this time of renewal!  This stone is the birthstone of March.  Its luscious blue hue would make a lovely adornment to any ring.   

The word Aquamarine, itself is a derivative from the 16th century Latin word meaning, sea water.  Mythical tales do not escape this sea like stone either—the origin of aquamarine has said to have been held captive in the deep ocean blue in the treasure chests of mermaids.  The blue and bluish green color of the infamous stone originates from is the miraculous and broad variety of the ocean’s color pallet.  Aquamarine has a color palette that ranges from light to medium blue hues to greenish blue colors.  Aquamarine is the perfect description of the colors that run with this beautiful gem, as it fully covers the full range of colors available.  The darker, more deep ocean like colors are said to be the more valuable shade of this gorgeous gem, but even the sky blue hues make any look priceless. 

Aquamarine has numerous legends and folklore that surrounds the precious stone.  Mainly though this stone is considered and believed to be the stone of happiness and everlasting youth.  This beautiful shade evokes good feelings and the feeling of warmth and love within an individual.  This stone has been said to promote harmony and everlasting relationships, perfect for marriages, as it brings about a happy union. 

While the legend of happiness has been sustained through out the ages it has also been said that aquamarine has the ability to induce sleep in its beholder.  This quality of aquamarine makes it the perfect stone for those who suffer from insomnia. Other popular tales of aquamarine say that if the stone itself is soaked in water it has the ability to reduce eye troubles and cases of the hiccups. 

You must be wondering by now, where in the world is the beautiful stone found, so I can add it to my collection.  Well, the answer is simple!  This stone is found in numerous parts of the world, with the most famous being the exotic country of Brazil.  Over time Brazil has produced some of the largest and rarest of aquamarine gems.   Other places around the globe include Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia, and India.  To care for these precious stones, simply use warm water and a mild soap to ensure the lasting beauty of your gem. 

With breathtaking color variations and versatility for everyday wear, aquamarine is the perfect gemstone for any and everyone.  It may bring happiness and joy to any relationship or friendship with the beautiful blue aquamarine ring, necklace or any staple piece of jewelry, or it could be a perfect way to bring about an everlasting union by adorning your wedding bands with this beautiful stone. 

Wedding Band Trends of 2010!

Wedding Band Trends of 2010!

Every year passes and trends in weddings and wedding bands changes.  Looking back at 2010, there were many different styles that were popular. Here are 5 of the top trends in wedding bands that were seen in 2010, that are sure to last a lifetime. 

Antique Band

  1. Diamond Eternity Bands:  Diamonds are forever!  What a better way to signify your love for eternity than with a band completely full of diamonds?  This has been a HOT trend for 2010, for both men and women’s wedding bands!  This style adds a touch of glamour and sparkle.  This everlasting sparkle displays diamonds encompassing the band as a whole and will sure to be a trend that will glitter for a lifetime together! Eternity bands are the perfect way to express your eternal love and devotion to one another!  
  2. Antique Wedding Bands:  What is old is brand new again!  Antique wedding bands became rapidly popular in 2010 and will probably continue into 2011.  Antique designs encompass delicate and subtle details such as milgrain designs, pave diamonds as well as scroll like engraving.  This style will offer timeless grace and elegance.
  3. Handmade Wedding BandsHandmade bands incorporate an eclectic style of braided and roped designs, made by expert jewelers with extreme precision and attention to detail.  Offering the individual a unique option to the classical tradition. 
  4. Colored Stones:  Color stones were big this year.  From engagement rings to wedding bands, many couples incorporated rubies, sapphires, and emeralds into their wedding bands.  They also included stones that signified something personal between each other.
  5. Custom Bands:  Many wanted something completely unique and personal to their relationship with each other. Custom wedding rings and engagement rings were another popular trend in 2010 and hopefully continue in 2011. Custom bands allow you to create your own design. The possibilities are endless. 

Whatever your sense of style, fashion or taste, these were 5 of the big wedding ring trends of 2010. Many will continue into this year.

Comfort Fit Wedding Bands

Comfort Fit Wedding Bands


Are you currently looking for the perfect band with the perfect fit?  Wondering how to create the most comfort in wedding bands?  Wondering why ‘comfort fit’ is comfort fit and different from all other bands out there?  Look no further, we have all the answers to those questions, right here!

Comfort bands, by definition, are exactly what their name states, ‘comfort fit’.  The rings are made with rounded inside edges, in order to slide on the finger better and maintain overall comfort.  The style is popular among men and women who are looking for a little added comfort for their precious band. Another style is heavy comfort fit bands. They are thicker and more rounded comfort fit bands.  It also gives the band more ‘heft’ and weight.  It gives the individual wearing the band security that the band is there, yet the comfort in which they desire.  This is becoming a popular choice among everyone who chooses to wear a wedding band. Comparing the comfort fit and heavy comfort fit with the non-comfort fit bands, there is a difference. Non-comfort fit bands have a straight edge and not rounded.  Although, still stylish and wearable, it does not have the same comfort level as the comfort fit bands.

Comfort fit bands are preferred over non-comfort fit because they provide an ease to wearing rings.  The edges are rounded and do not pinch the skin.  It slides on easily for all day wear.  With this feature, comfort fit wedding bands are the perfect choice for individuals who do not wear jewelry on a daily basis or do not wear any jewelry.  Comfort fit bands are recommended to these individuals. It will add comfort to all day wear of the band.


WeddingBands.com offers heavy comfort fit bands in a range of styles.  There are plain wedding rings, classic wedding rings, contemporary wedding rings and handmade wedding rings with the comfort fit feature.

Whether you’re looking for a comfort fit, heavy comfort fit or even a non-comfort fit band, WeddingBands.com has the perfect solution for you!  Everything from Classic to Contemporary, you will be sure to find the perfect band for you.  Make your big day even more special with the perfect and comfortable wedding band!