Comfort Fit Wedding Bands

Comfort Fit Wedding Bands


Are you currently looking for the perfect band with the perfect fit?  Wondering how to create the most comfort in wedding bands?  Wondering why ‘comfort fit’ is comfort fit and different from all other bands out there?  Look no further, we have all the answers to those questions, right here!

Comfort bands, by definition, are exactly what their name states, ‘comfort fit’.  The rings are made with rounded inside edges, in order to slide on the finger better and maintain overall comfort.  The style is popular among men and women who are looking for a little added comfort for their precious band. Another style is heavy comfort fit bands. They are thicker and more rounded comfort fit bands.  It also gives the band more ‘heft’ and weight.  It gives the individual wearing the band security that the band is there, yet the comfort in which they desire.  This is becoming a popular choice among everyone who chooses to wear a wedding band. Comparing the comfort fit and heavy comfort fit with the non-comfort fit bands, there is a difference. Non-comfort fit bands have a straight edge and not rounded.  Although, still stylish and wearable, it does not have the same comfort level as the comfort fit bands.

Comfort fit bands are preferred over non-comfort fit because they provide an ease to wearing rings.  The edges are rounded and do not pinch the skin.  It slides on easily for all day wear.  With this feature, comfort fit wedding bands are the perfect choice for individuals who do not wear jewelry on a daily basis or do not wear any jewelry.  Comfort fit bands are recommended to these individuals. It will add comfort to all day wear of the band.

Contemporary offers heavy comfort fit bands in a range of styles.  There are plain wedding rings, classic wedding rings, contemporary wedding rings and handmade wedding rings with the comfort fit feature.

Whether you’re looking for a comfort fit, heavy comfort fit or even a non-comfort fit band, has the perfect solution for you!  Everything from Classic to Contemporary, you will be sure to find the perfect band for you.  Make your big day even more special with the perfect and comfortable wedding band!

All About Gems: Sapphires

All About Gems: Sapphires

Ever since Prince Charles gave Diana the stunning 18 carat blue Sapphire engagement ring, surrounded by 14 smaller diamonds, the world has been astounded with curiosity of the wonderful blue stone.  Now, 29 years later, Prince William gave Kate Middleton the exact ring that captivated the world so many years ago.

The stunning blue hue is the most famous and most valuable of all the tones in which Sapphires can take.   This intense and rich blue color is what stunned Lady Diana when Prince Charles proposed in 1981, and sure to stun Kate as Prince William proposed this past October 2010.  This sacred and treasured gemstone has been the choice of Royals, and Kings for centuries.  This beautiful blue stone has been a sign of romance, thus making it ideal for an engagement ring.

Sapphires can occur in all colors, except for red as that is considered a Ruby.  The most popular and traditional version of Sapphire is the blue Sapphire, with all other colors in the spectrum considered to be fancy colored Sapphires. These stones, most notably the blue sapphire, have been adored and loved for centuries.  Sapphires even adorn the British Crown Jewels and have been the symbol for many Royals through the centuries.

Sapphire Ring

Legends have surrounded Sapphires for centuries upon centuries, as they have become the most sought after, and had an array of tales of the powers of this beautiful stone.  Many have held this stone in high regard, as it has become a symbol for romance and faithfulness.  Sapphires are also regarded as the stone of devotion and enlightenment.  Its beauty gave way for it to become one of the most regarded talismans for travelers, as it is said to the ultimate guiding star, often having the ability to guide those to their directed path, or help them along on their journey.

For centuries, Sapphires have carried many legends, as well as it has been the most popular gem for Kings and other Royals, but it has also been a favorite among priests and other members of the clergy to adorn them.  This stone was a popular choice for many of the clergy as it was believed for centuries that the beautiful blue hue of the Sapphire represent Heaven.  One ancient tale suggests that Moses was given the 10 Commandments on stone tablets, made of Sapphire.   Thus making Sapphires an important and sacred stone to all those who behold the beautiful blue stone.

Although, these legends have surrounded the beautiful blue hued stone of Sapphire,  clergymen and royals are not the only stories of this stone, as it carries many other legends as well.  Through the centuries, it had been thought that Sapphires were the ultimate medicinal stone.  By having a Sapphire in your possession, you were able to cure what were thought to be incurable diseases and illnesses.  The use of Sapphires was also said to be able to relieve illnesses that concerned the eyes of an individual.  The blue hued stone was said to be able to remove all impurities.  Sapphires have also been noted as being able to revitalize eye sight, and produce many medical miracles.

Sapphire Ring

So with all these legends surrounding this mythical blue stone, where do these beautiful stones come from?  They are found in various parts of the world, but the most sought after hues are hailing from Madagascar presently.  What makes Madagascar so special?  Due to the rich, velvety hues that are produced in the region, as well as their impeccable quality, make Madagascar the perfect setting for finding luscious blue hued stones.  However, Sapphires can be found in other places such as, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, as well as a few surrounding countries.

From the beautiful blue hues, to the legends of medical miracles, it’s no wonder that this precious stone has thrived in popularity for thousands of years. Sapphire has been a source of strength as well as love and romance for those who surround themselves with the stone.  Symbolizing truth, sincerity and faithfulness, it is no wonder it has also become a popular choice in rings and other fine jewelry, and of late, in Kate Middleton’s engagement ring! Sapphires also bring its rich and intense hues to the birth month of September, making the stone a perfect gift for a loved one!  Check out for their variety of Sapphire rings, as well as their classic and contemporary bands, to make a sure fit to any Sapphire addition!

All About Metals: Palladium

All About Metals: Palladium

What is the newest precious metal to be hitting the jewelry scene?  Well, it’s palladium, of course! It is the silver-white metal that is taking jewelry, and especially wedding bands and rings by storm!  So, you’re probably asking, what is this metal? Why is it becoming so popular? How does it stack up against traditional favorites, like gold and platinum?  Well, here are some quick facts about this budding precious metal:

First, this new trend in metals was discovered in 1803 by British chemist, William Hyde Wollaston.  Wollaston named his newest

The Metal Palladium Anniversary Band

Palladium Anniversary Band

discovery after the asteroid, Pallas, which was discovered just two years prior to Palladium.  Since then, Palladium has become apart of the platinum metals, containing similar characteristics to the ever popular Platinum.  One subtle difference from the rest of the platinum metals, however is that Palladium does have the lowest density as well as the lowest melting point.  Just like platinum, this metal stays that soft, silvery white color, and does not tarnish!  Thus, with qualities like these, it is further adding to its immensely growing popularity.

Palladium is a great metal for jewelry simply because it has a vast majority of similar characteristics to platinum, yet it is a fraction of the overall cost!  At some points in Palladium’s ever growing history, it was even less expensive than gold, thus further fueling its rise to success.  After all, Palladium was put into production after the US Military declared platinum a strategic metal, and was only for government use.  Ever since then, Palladium has grown in immense popularity.  Palladium offers customers similar qualities that make platinum popular, but at different price points in order to satisfy a wider variety of customers.  That is not the only reason for Palladium’s sudden rise in jewelry usage, it is also the fact that this white metal does not need to be rhodium plated, and does not tarnish, much like platinum!  Palladium also makes for a great metal for jewelry usage because it is a malleable metal, as it is not as hard as platinum, which is also easy to finish and polish into a beautiful piece.  Palladium is sold as Palladium 950, meaning that it is 95% Palladium and 5% Ruthenium, giving Palladium that characteristic to look much like platinum.  Palladium also has a lighter feel to the metal, versus its platinum counterpart.  This unique characteristic also adds value to Palladium and adding to the growing trend of using Palladium in jewelry.  Another plus to Palladium is the fact that it is a hypoallergenic metal, thus making it a perfect combination for everyone!

So, after all these amazing qualities, you’ve got to be wondering, where does this miraculous material originate from?  Well, there are two answers to where you can find the metal of Palladium.  The first of which, is the form of the metal that can be found naturally.  It can be found naturally in sections of the Ural Mountains, Australia, Ethiopia, and in both North and South America.  In addition to being found in parts naturally, this metal is also formed commercially by combining it with nickel-copper deposits.

Palladium, fashionable and affordable?  Quite essentially the perfect combination!  Check out for a wide selection of Palladium rings!  Including such styles, Classical, Contemporary and Diamond rings!  For more information on Palladium and its uses don’t forget to check out Palladium in the Precious Metals section, also at!

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: Engaged!

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: Engaged!

A big ‘Congrats’ goes out to Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo on their recent engagement!  The pair, who have been dating since 2006, recently decided to make their relationship official after Lachey popped the question Thursday, November 4th, 2010.

Shortly after the engagement, which was rumored to have a beach side backdrop, the couple released a joint statement about their happy news. “We’re excited an incredibly happy about our engagement and we look forward to a wonderful future together” , said the couple.

Now begins the planning of the wedding of a lifetime for the duo!  One of the main priorities will no doubt be finding a wedding band to match Minnillo’s gorgeous asscher cut diamond.  Perhaps she would like a diamond wedding band to add sparkle to her already glittering hand?  Maybe Minnillo would like something more contemporary?  Lachey could be looking for something more of a classic style for his band?

Are you recently engaged, like Minnillo and Lachey, don’t forget to check out the vast selection of these styles and many more that has to offer!  Get your planning for the big day started off right, with beautiful rings that will be prized for a lifetime!

Great Wedding Rings Under $400.00USD

Great Wedding Rings Under $400.00USD

With gold prices going crazy, many people think it’s hard to find a great wedding ring in gold or white gold under $400.00.  People begin to look at alternative metals like cobalt, titanium or tungsten as another option for their wedding ring.  Well, I’m here to tell you, there are rings out there for under $400.00. You do not have to buy an alternative metal wedding ring to fit your budget.  And if you just like the style of alternative metals, well then go right ahead and buy them. But you can find bands that are plain or with diamonds under $400.00. It’s possible. Here are 5 categories that all have wedding rings under $400.00:

1.)    Plain bands-almost all plain gold or white gold bands are under $400.00 between the widths of 2 mm to 10 mm.  Some may think plain bands are not exciting, but plain bands are the classics.  It is the original wedding ring that creates a full circle to symbolize the eternal love and unity between a married couple.  The ongoing love the married couple has for each.  Also, for all you ladies out there with an engagement ring, a plain band is a great accent to almost all types of engagement ring.  Great choice to add with your engagement ring!

2.)    Classic bands-add some design to a ring may make people think the price will begin to increase, but once again there are classic ring styles out there for less.  You just need to look in the right spot.  Rings that have a slightly higher dome with grooves or a ring with one line or two lines adds some design but maintains the classic styles.  And remember, with gold, you can get two-tone, yellow gold, or white gold that are the exact same and similar prices.  It does not have to be one color or the other.

3.)    Contemporary bands-we are going a little further down the design line and yes, it’s possible. Shocker! I don’t think so. There is a bigger shocker down the list. Contemporary rings are great for those who want something different and unique.  They usually entail styles that are unusual and unique. These rings also can include styles that may look classic but have an extra design.

4.)    Handcrafted rings-we are getting really fancy! Those beautiful bands include a mix of machine and hand crafted workmanship. When you bring in the hand made factor, people really begin to think the price doubles, but trust me there are styles out there that are hand crafted and reasonable in price. These styles are great for those who appreciate and love the beauty of braids and ropes in rings.

5.)    Diamond wedding rings– Now this is a shocker!! Keep in mind; I’m talking about bands with higher quality diamonds, like diamonds with a clarity of VS1-2 and color of G-H.  The choices are few, but there are still some out there. Diamond wedding rings are great for those who like a little sparkle on their hand and for the men who do not mind having some diamonds in their rings.

There you have it folks.  There are rings under $400.00 and you can find some beautiful styles with plain and classic bands.  So, next time you are shopping for a ring and you do not want to break your bank; remember there are rings in precious metals (gold or white gold) you can buy. You are not stuck with buying titanium, tungsten or cobalt rings, unless you like that style.  Until next time, please remember learn about the jewelry you are buying, it will make the whole experience better!