May Jewelry Auctions Set Record Numbers

May Jewelry Auctions Set Record Numbers

Courtesy of Christie's

The Geneva held auctions have been a huge source of jewelry selling news over the recent weeks and have presented a large variety of precious and pretty baubles, all which could be yours if the price was right.  The world record setting prices for diamonds, diamond engagement rings, anniversary bands and wedding bands began last month in Geneva at both the Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions, respectively.  Each auction house saw record setting prices across the board for their beautiful gems, and diamonds alike.

Among the top seller at the Sotheby’s auction were two beautiful baubles in their own right.  The first set a record for the highest paid for an emerald jewelry piece, ever.  Selling for over $12 million dollars was an antique tiara which once belonged to Princess Katarina Henckel von Donnersmarck.  It was sold in Sotheby’s Geneva: Magnificent and Noble Jewels auction in early May.

Also setting a record at this utterly magnificent, and set a price over and beyond what was expected was a rare, 10 carat fancy pink diamond.  This gorgeous pink stone sold for over $11 million dollars.  In total the Sotheby’s auction took in more than $89 million dollars in sales.

Like the rest of the auctions last month, spending sprees were an understatement.  Similarly at the Christie’s Geneva: Magnificent Jewels auction many world records were set in various categories.

The top sale for this stunning jewelry collection was none other than a 56 carat total weight heart shaped diamond.  It sold for over $10 million dollars and is the most expensive heart shaped diamond in history.

In the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in May the auction house earned more than $78 million dollars in sales.

There is only more to come in the summer months as jewelry auctions heat up!  If the rest of the auctions follow suit, there will be an endless amount of world records to come!

Sotheby’s Geneva: “Magnificent & Noble Jewels” Auction Sets Records

Sotheby’s Geneva: “Magnificent & Noble Jewels” Auction Sets Records

Yet another auction and yet more record breaking prices for items at Sotheby’s Geneva latest auction.  The auction house held its

Courtesy of Sothebys

“Magnificent and Noble Jewels” auction this past May 17th, which held numerous and luxurious pieces from around the globe.

Sotheby’s Geneva’s Magnificent and Noble Jewels auction broke many records, including the most paid ever for emeralds, as well as the second most paid ever for a very rare, very fancy pink diamond.

The record breaking item, which was sold for approximately $12.76 million dollars, was none other than a very ornate and luxurious emerald and diamond tiara.  This whimsical tiara was sold for the highest price ever for a tiara, let alone the unique diamond and emerald bauble.  This extraordinary piece was once part of the collection of Princess Katharina Henckel Von Donnersmarck. The gorgeous green tiara was the highest paid at auction for any emerald piece of jewelry.  Gorgeous and rightfully so!

The second jaw dropping price that was paid at this ‘Magnificent’ jewels, and yes, they are quite magnificent, was a gorgeous and very rare fancy diamond.  Thisdiamond is a stunning, and intense pink hue and was the third highest price paid for a pink diamond in the auction house’s illustrious history.  The 10.99 carat diamond was sold for approximately $10.8 million dollars at the recent auction.  Overall, the price that was paid for this stunner was the ninth overall highest price paid for a diamond in a Sotheby’s auction.

Each of these beautiful baubles are unique and extraordinary and overall ‘magnificent’ in their own way!  Wouldn’t you like to add at least one, if not both, of these to your own personal collection?

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds are forever and diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are the closest of friends to fashion icon and ultimate jewelry collector, the late, Dame Elizabeth Taylor.  This morning Dame Elizabeth Taylor passed away. Through out her 79 years of life, Dame

Courtesy of HauteLiving

 Taylor had become a collector of many things, movie roles, men, awards, but none quite as special to her as her extraordinary collection of jewels. As a woman who loved and collected many wonderful jewelry pieces, we want to take the time and remember Elizabeth Taylor through her jewelry collection.  Taylor once wrote, “I’m fortunate to have some very important pieces of jewelry.  I don’t believe I own any of these pieces.  I believe I am their custodian, here to enjoy them, to give them the best treatment in the world, to watch after their safety and to love them”.  

Taylor’s much admired collection started with many gifts from her significant others.  They would surprise her with various baubles each adding excitement and sentimental value to her ever growing and immense collection.  Of her various gifts, Taylor collected pearls, rubies, emeralds, and of course her greatest love, diamonds.  Taylor received three major gifts of jewelry from her then husband Richard Burton.  Burton loved gifting Taylor with immense selections of jewelry.  

Taylor Burton Diamond Courtesy of Life Magazine

Of those three extravagant gifts that Taylor received from Burton, was the Krupp Diamond.  Once owned by Vera Krupp, the Krupp diamond itself is an asscher cut diamond set into a ring which boasts a stunning 33.19 carats.  It is considered to be one of the most flawless diamonds in the world and rarely left the finger of Ms. Taylor.  Secondly, Elizabeth Taylor was gifted a La Peregrina Pearl.  This incredible pearl, which was set in a necklace, is 50 carats total and once belonged to Mary I of England.  This historical relevance was important to both Taylor and Burton, often making jewelry purchases based on the historical background of the piece.  Lastly, Taylor received what is now named the “Taylor-Burton Diamond” from Mr. Richard Burton.  This stunner is an amazing 69.42 carats total and cost 1.1 million dollars at the time of purchase.  The pear shaped bauble was originally set into a ring to grace Ms. Taylor’s finger, but after the weight of the one inch thick diamond was realized, it was later turned into a necklace to adorn Ms. Taylor.  When worn is pubic, Elizabeth was adorned with two other accessories, armed guards, for the safety and security of both the diamond and Ms. Taylor. 

Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s collection does not end there.  Her extensive collection includes a massive yellow heart shaped diamond necklace, called the Taj Mahal, also a gift from Burton.  Among her extensive collection, the most notable pieces in which Elizabeth Taylor collected an antique diamond tiara, 29 carat diamond engagement ring, and an antique belle époque diamond necklace.  Bringing about the historical presence to her famous gems, Taylor also collected many historically famous pieces of jewelry.  A sample of those includes the Duchess of Windsor’s diamond brooch, the Grand Duchess of Russia’s emeralds and the Prince of Wales Insignia, along with countless pearls, emeralds, rubies and diamonds. 

Ms. Taylor’s immense love affair with jewelry did not quite end there.  She lent her expertise and her love of all jewels to different jewelry lines, in order to spread the joy and excitement to all.  Her desire was to make everyone be the custodians of baubles if they 

Krupp Diamond Courtesy of Antique Jewelry Investor

so choose and would love to add to their own personal collections.  Elizabeth Taylor also wrote a book in 2002, called, My Love Affair with Jewelry.  She wished to expose everyone to her extensive collection and give a glimpse of precious pieces.  Ms. Taylor is quoted as saying, “I knew that I wanted to give others a glimpse of the thrills and pure happiness that these beautiful creations have given me”. 

Countless baubles, an immense amount of love, and care describe the overall collection of Dame Elizabeth Taylor.   Through her life many things entered and left and many changes occurred but one great love remained, her great love for jewelry and her desire to collect and care for them.   Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and most certainly were Elizabeth Taylor’s best friend.

All About Gems: Emeralds

All About Gems: Emeralds

No other gem has as many legendary tales and superstitions surrounding it, than Emerald itself.  The rich history of this stone starts off with tales as old as time, as Cleopatra was said to have a passion for this gorgeous green gem.  Cleopatra was determined to have the largest collection of this beautiful green stone and in fact, it was said that some of the Cleopatra mines were particularly designated for mining the precious stones only to be used by Cleopatra’s royal adornment and royal regalia.    

Legends and superstitions have swarmed this incredible green stone and rumors have been abundant and running rapid since their popularity of this precious stone has swelled.  The ancient world was the very beginning of many various tales of this luscious green stone.  One famous tale says it entitles the holder of the stone to have eternal youth and thus a rebirth.  Emeralds have also been greatly sought after for being capable of bringing about love to those who hold it near.   The most important of all legends of Emeralds comes from the ancient times, with Emerald said to bring the beholder the ability to foresee the future!

Emeralds have long been known, and utterly admired for their beautiful green color.  The gorgeous color it holds has been suggested to relieve stress and eye strain, simply by looking at the stone!   Emeralds have long been thought to be able to give the beholder the gift of eloquence as well as to become more intelligent and quick-witted.  Due to these factors, and immense popularity of the color of the stone itself, it has been used for hundred of years in both royal and religious adornments.  Emerald has been a stone of choice for many European countries, and Asian countries for centuries.   

Emeralds have been mined from the Earth since the days of the infamous Cleopatra mines in ancient Egypt.  Those have since been exhausted, and now Emeralds are still found naturally in a few countries around the world.  Presently, Columbia is the main source and largest producer of Emeralds.  These mines have been greatly recognized for their excellent quality and outstanding color.  Other main sources for unearthing this beautiful gem include Brazil, Russia and Zimbabwe.  Each of these places are recognized for their exquisite and deep shades.

Caring for these incredible stones is actually quite the easy task.  To clean Emeralds simply use warm, soapy water to polish to perfection! When taking care, and adorning yourself with this precious stone remember to stay away from harsh detergents as they can cause damage to the stone itself. 

See if these legends hold true for you! Check out this gorgeous stone, which also happens to be the birthstone for May! Emerald is the perfect color and representation for the spring renewal of this time.  Looking for a twentieth or thirty-fifth wedding anniversary present?  Emeralds happen to be a perfect present for that someone special as it represents each of those milestones.