4 Diamond Rings That Compliment Any Engagement Ring

4 Diamond Rings That Compliment Any Engagement Ring

You have the engagement ring. It was all that you imagined. He got the perfect ring. Now, it’s time to find a matching diamond ring. In the past, it was customary to get a band that match exactly your engagement ring or your future husbands wedding ring. You would solder the two together and wear them all the time. But in today’s world, the matching ring can compliment your engagement ring and be worn alone while you travel or exercise. Maybe you have a halo engagement ring or a simple solitaire; there are many diamond rings that will add to your engagement ring. Here are our picks of four diamond wedding rings that compliment any engagement ring, including that curved halo engagement ring.

1. Eternity rings set in prongs

This style is great for basically any engagement ring. It’s simple, it’s a classic and can be worn alone or with the engagement ring. An eternity ring symbolizes the eternal 13796Wlove you have for each other. Diamonds are set around the whole band. The diamonds can either be set in a smooth channel or with prongs. We think a simple eternity ring is a perfect compliment to any engagement ring.

2. Channel set diamond ring

If your engagement ring is a classic and elegant solitaire with smooth edges, then the channel set diamond ring is a great compliment to your engagement ring. The diamonds are set perfectly in a smooth channel with either platinum, gold, white gold or rose gold surrounding them. This style of diamond wedding ring is another great option to wear alone while traveling.

3. Spotted diamond wedding ring Spotted Diamond Wedding ring

For someone who likes the idea of getting something different and unique from the classic styles; a ring with the diamonds scattered on the ring is a great fit. Depending on how the ring is styled, it could fit well with either a classic solitaire engagement ring or a vintage engagement ring.

4. Pave diamond wedding ring

Pave diamond wedding rings generally include multiple smaller diamonds set closely together. You can get either one row or multiple rows of pave diamonds, depending on the style of your engagement ring. It’s a great fit for vintage and halo engagement rings.

All four options are wonderful for your engagement ring. You will be able to wear all styles either together or by itself.

Wedding Band Trends

Wedding Band Trends

Purchasing wedding bands? We think that the best thing to decide on is bands that are unique to you and your fiancé, matching your individual styles and tastes. Here are some of our favorite trends in current wedding bands.

Eternity Bands:

Many brides today love the idea of having diamonds on both their engagement ring and on their wedding bands. Eternity bands are a beautiful way to compliment your engagement ring.

Stacked Wedding Rings:

This trend is a wonderful way to create a ring that is entirely your own. Stacking 2 or three rings can be a beautiful alternative to the traditional single band. Also, starting with one and adding more bands later creates a built-in anniversary gift for the years to come.
Stackable Wedding Rings :  wedding Tiffany tiffany.jpg
Curtesy of WeddingBee.com


Engraving makes every ring a touch more personal, with a message inscribed on the inside of the band. Here at WeddingBands.com, we offer free engraving!

Colored Stones:

We love the idea of including colored stones in wedding bands. From sapphires to rubies, there are a plethora of options.

We also love the idea of combining a few of these trends together! The most important thing is that you love your ring, and will love wearing it everyday! The selection is vast, and possibilities are endless, so find a band that is the perfect representation of your love for each other.

Kim Kardashian is engaged! Now the details of the ring!!

Kim Kardashian is engaged! Now the details of the ring!!

Courtesy of People

Courtesy of People

Congrats to Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries!!

Making the surprise proposal, Kris waited on bended knee for Kardashian to return to her Beverly Hills home, with the words “Will you marry me” spelled out in rose petals.  The utterly romantic surprise came as a shock for Kim as she did not expect it, let alone to happen when she returned home. 

What is the gorgeous diamond sparkler that is now adorning , the for now, Ms. Kardashian’s finger?  One big ring, is the answer!  Designer completely by Humphries, along with help from Kardashian pal, Lorraine Schwartz, the sparkler is reportedly costing Mr. Humphries approximately $2 million dollars.  The pricey, yet absolutely stunning bauble is a 3 stone ring, with a 16.5 carat emerald cut center stone.  Flanking the large center stone are two smaller trapezoid stones of 2 carats each.  For a grand total of 20.5 carat total weight for Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring!

Kim squeals with delight saying the ring is “absolutely perfect” and the “most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” Which is good, because Kardashian has always wanted something very distinct for her engagement ring and Kris wanted the bauble to just be one, simple thing, “big”.  I think they each got exactly what they had always wanted!

Following the romantic, surprise proposal, Kardashian and Humphries returned to Kim’s mother’s home for a pre-planned celebratory bash with the entire family.  Kim’s  mother, Kris Jenner, helped the new addition Kris plan the surprise bash for an intimate family celebration.  Although, Kris Jenner did surprise the newly engaged couple with two mini horses, an inside joke the Kris’ had while planning the entire event.

Congrats Kim and Kris!