Brooke Burke & David Charvet Finally Marry

Brooke Burke & David Charvet Finally Marry

As our last blog stated, it was a busy weekend with celebs in Hollywood. This past weekend Brooke Burke and David Charvet finally married. The couple have been engaged for five years. Charvet proposed in a private summer party in 2006 with an eternity ring; which symbolizes forever relationship. Burke and Charvet share two children together and Burke has 2 other children from her last marriage.

Brooke Burke and David Charvet
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The Dancing with the Stars Co-host had a private wedding in St. Barts. We would like to congratulate the couple on their new marriage.

All About Gems: Diamonds

All About Gems: Diamonds

Diamonds are forever and relatively speaking, they have been around forever!  The diamonds that are set into your beautiful diamond ring are in fact the oldest thing that you will ever own.  The “youngest” of these precious stones that you could be displaying on your finger would be approximately 50 million years old.  This age range for diamonds could be as old as 2.5 billion years, now that’s an antique!


Diamonds through out their lifetime have carried several different and ornate histories.  They also carry numerous myths and legends that are associated with history.  Some outlandish myths about diamonds range from the stone having the ability to perform magic, have healing powers, grant protection for the bearer of the stone and in some instances induce poisoning.  Outlandish and remarkable become an understatement for the myths that surround this stone. Diamond, the name itself comes from 12th Century Greek meaning invincible or unconquerable for its hardness qualities. 

The myths and legendary tales of diamonds began as far back as Roman times.  Those stories were recorded in Roman literature.  Stories suggest that Romans believed that diamonds were in fact tears from the gods and splinters of falling stars.  Myths of this beautiful stone do not end there in Roman literature.  The Romans believed that Cupid’s faithful arrows were in fact tipped in diamonds and thus possessed the ability to have magical powers.  Diamonds also captured the attention of famous philosopher Plato.  He wrote of these gems as living organisms, which possessed celestial beings.  Romans loved to possess diamonds due to the fact that they believed the gem had broad magical powers.  Diamonds, amongst other powers were believed to cure life’s troubles and bring about power, strength, invincibility, bravery and courage to those lucky enough to behold the beautiful gem.

In mid-evil times, kings lead their men into battle donning a breast plate that was to be covered in diamonds along with other gems stones which each had a unique magical power.  Diamonds were important to this plate because they believed diamonds gave magical powers far beyond meaning and power of man.  Therefore, it was essential for kings above anyone else to be donned in diamonds. 

Diamonds were held in particular high esteem from 1214 to 1270 in France, when they were especially designated for use by the king only.  King Louis IX of France established a law that would grant the use of diamonds for the king.  This fact just indicates the rarity of diamonds of the time, and their overall worth through out time.  During this time, diamonds were used for representing honor, strength, invincibility and courage of the leader. 

During the 14th century, a small number of diamonds began to be seen in European regalia and jewelry designs.  Diamonds, at this time, were seen as a sign of love and devotion.  Many of the designs used pearls as an accent gem along with the diamond.  Although the popularity of diamonds was becoming more mainstream, noble and large diamonds were still privileged to Royals and houses of the affluent. 

Since the beginning of diamond’s popularity, they were said to contain numerous characteristics and were able to grant the beholder numerous qualities that they may not have possessed without the stone.  Some virtues that were instilled within the stone were that diamonds are supposed to impart virtue upon its holder, and bring a generous heart to the owner.  Diamonds were also said to bring their owners luck and success.  Diamonds through out their history were talisman, to ward off the potential of poisoning, and overall protection for the traveler. 

Overall the gem of diamond has a full and illustrious history of myths and legendary tales from its inception and its use in cultures.  There is an immense amount of knowledge and characteristics that surround this beautiful stone.  When purchasing diamonds be sure to keep in mind all the myths, legends, and folklore that surrounds this bright, shiny, beautiful gem!

All About Gems: Aquamarine

All About Gems: Aquamarine

March is a time of renewal, spring is in the air and the effects of winter start to wear off.   What better stone than that of Aquamarine to ring in this time of renewal!  This stone is the birthstone of March.  Its luscious blue hue would make a lovely adornment to any ring.   

The word Aquamarine, itself is a derivative from the 16th century Latin word meaning, sea water.  Mythical tales do not escape this sea like stone either—the origin of aquamarine has said to have been held captive in the deep ocean blue in the treasure chests of mermaids.  The blue and bluish green color of the infamous stone originates from is the miraculous and broad variety of the ocean’s color pallet.  Aquamarine has a color palette that ranges from light to medium blue hues to greenish blue colors.  Aquamarine is the perfect description of the colors that run with this beautiful gem, as it fully covers the full range of colors available.  The darker, more deep ocean like colors are said to be the more valuable shade of this gorgeous gem, but even the sky blue hues make any look priceless. 

Aquamarine has numerous legends and folklore that surrounds the precious stone.  Mainly though this stone is considered and believed to be the stone of happiness and everlasting youth.  This beautiful shade evokes good feelings and the feeling of warmth and love within an individual.  This stone has been said to promote harmony and everlasting relationships, perfect for marriages, as it brings about a happy union. 

While the legend of happiness has been sustained through out the ages it has also been said that aquamarine has the ability to induce sleep in its beholder.  This quality of aquamarine makes it the perfect stone for those who suffer from insomnia. Other popular tales of aquamarine say that if the stone itself is soaked in water it has the ability to reduce eye troubles and cases of the hiccups. 

You must be wondering by now, where in the world is the beautiful stone found, so I can add it to my collection.  Well, the answer is simple!  This stone is found in numerous parts of the world, with the most famous being the exotic country of Brazil.  Over time Brazil has produced some of the largest and rarest of aquamarine gems.   Other places around the globe include Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia, and India.  To care for these precious stones, simply use warm water and a mild soap to ensure the lasting beauty of your gem. 

With breathtaking color variations and versatility for everyday wear, aquamarine is the perfect gemstone for any and everyone.  It may bring happiness and joy to any relationship or friendship with the beautiful blue aquamarine ring, necklace or any staple piece of jewelry, or it could be a perfect way to bring about an everlasting union by adorning your wedding bands with this beautiful stone. 

All About Gems: Ruby

All About Gems: Ruby

Ruby Anniversary Band

There is no stone that is quite as popular, or quite as legendary as the gleaming red beauty known as Ruby.  Due to its immense popularity over centuries, the infinitely valuable Ruby has many tales, traditions and mythical sagas that still hold true to this day and make Ruby one of the most cherished gems in history!

This illustrious and famous gem has been mined for over 2,500 years, and continues to be mined today, and can be mainly found in extraordinarily legendary places including, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Thailand to name a few, of which have been beloved for centuries.  Nicknamed the “Lord of Gems”, Rubies also hold the name of ‘precious stones’ in Sanskrit.  These elements just further add to the mysterious and legendary nature of the beautiful red stone of Ruby.

In ancient times, Rubies adorned the garments worn by warriors into battle, as it was said to make them invincible in battle and be able to protect them while they fought.  They believed by adorning them, they would then become victorious in battle, as they are protected from all evils that would be surrounding them as they fought.  Warriors also adorned themselves with this stone as it was said to protect an individual from poisons and have the distinct possibility to counteract any effects of being poisoned.  Rubies have a rampant history of being able to do a lot of extraordinary things.  According to European folklore, Rubies brought about health and wealth for the owner of the precious stone.  Besides bringing health to the individual in care of this stone, it was also believed to restore youth and vitality to the individual, simply by rubbing on your skin!

Other tales of the red Ruby include success and wisdom as well as ever lasting love to the lucky beholder of the stone.  Ruby has long stood as a great symbol of love and passion.  Traditions and tales of the stone according to the people of India say that the stone gives the beholder the ability to live at peace with all of his enemies.  Kings, heads of state and other notable Royals kept Rubies in precious possession for these reasons as well as the tale that they protect against vulnerability.  Royals sought after this stone because of its legendary ability to turn to a darken state when they are presented with danger, and return to their normal state when the threat is gone.

With this illustrious and well known history, it’s no wonder why this beautiful red stone has kept immense popularity for centuries! Due to its rarity, and overwhelming amount of history and legendary tales that surround the red Ruby stone, makes it extremely valuable and expensive.  These stones can even be more expensive than the rare, colorless diamonds!  Ruby’s distinctive red color is what differentiates itself from other and closely related sapphires.  This is a controversial issue when it comes to Rubies, as sapphires are categorized as all other colors minus the beautiful red color of a Ruby.  This draws controversy due to the pink to red colors of stones that can be considered in the realm of Ruby as well.   The most expensive and valuable of these stones are the deeper and pure, vivid red colors that make Ruby distinct from every other stone there is!

Ruby & Diamond Band

Thus with reputation and fame that comes with this precious stone, care and cleaning of the stone becomes a very important task.  To clean your gorgeous Ruby stone use only warm, soapy water.  Avoid the use of strong detergents and vigorous scrubbing of the stone, as it will affect the overall quality and beauty of the Ruby.  If you choose to clean this precious stone by means of an ultrasonic or steam cleaner, those are generally safe for the stones as well.  It is important for you to check the overall quality of your stone as well to ensure a lifetime of use, and to observe any fractures or cavities within the stone.  Fractures or cavities within the stone can damage the overall quality as well as the overall look of the stone.  Stones with poor quality can change color or even affect the clarity of the Ruby.  Also by having fractures or cavities within the stone can ultimately damage and destroy the stone as a whole.

In the end, one legend of this stone has remained constant throughout its popularity and solidified its status as the symbol for eternal love.  Thus making Ruby the absolute perfect gift for both the fifteenth and fortieth wedding anniversaries! Show your beloved just how important your love is with this everlasting symbol!  Ruby is also the birthstone for individuals who are born in the month of July.  So, spread, and share the love with this eternal symbol of love!

Speaking of eternal love, Congratulations to Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson!  Eric popped the question to Simpson with, what else, than a 3 stone ring, featuring a center stone of Ruby, flanked by two diamonds!  Looking for something distinct and yet traditional?  Check out the Ruby rings by!  As well as Diamond bands, and Anniversary bands that can be a great addition to any engagement ring!

Eternity Rings, Anniversary Rings, Diamond Fashion Rings, OH MY!!!

Eternity Rings, Anniversary Rings, Diamond Fashion Rings, OH MY!!!

You’re engaged, you’ve been married for years, or you just want to buy a fun ring to wear.  All great times to look for bands with diamonds or a unique style!

Diamond Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are rings made with diamonds around the whole ring. It is to symbolize the eternal love between two people. The continuous circle with diamonds shows the eternal relationship between couples. Eternity rings come in a few different styles. There are eternity rings made with a single row of diamonds, either prongs or channel set. These styles are great to compliment an engagement ring or wedding set.  You can also use these types of eternity rings to celebrate a milestone anniversary. All are great options.

Anniversary rings are rings given to celebrate milestone years in a marriage or relationship between two people.  These types of rings can be anything.  From rings with a certain number of stones to mark the years together to a couple rows of diamonds or to rings made with a unique style (and worn on a different finger).  Anniversary rings cover a lot of classic and unique styles.  There are no rules for buying an anniversary ring. 

Diamond Fashion Ring

Diamond fashion rings is another very broad category. This can be any type of ring made with diamonds. It can be wide rings made with diamonds around whole band; diamond rings made with different colored gold; spinning diamond rings, or sliding diamond rings. Diamond fashion rings can range in any style the wearer wants to show off. They are great ways to compliment any outfit, casual or dressy.

These three styles are great to wear for any occasion. Eternity rings, anniversary rings, and diamond fashion rings can be used for the mentioned above but they can also be used for anything the wearer wants.  Do not let the ring style sway your buying decision, because if you like the style then wear it the way you want. Until next time, please remember learn about the jewelry you are buying, it will make the whole experience better!