Let’s Explore: The Beautiful Sapphire Gemstone

Let’s Explore: The Beautiful Sapphire Gemstone

Did you know blue is the most common favorite color in the world for both men and women? It’s no wonder people love sapphires. This beautiful gemstone has always played a role in history. In Ancient Rome & Greece, it was believed those who worn the stone were protected from envy & harm. Here are 5 things you need to know about sapphires:

  • Sapphire is the birthstone of September. It’s also the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. What better way to celebrate these moments with a sapphire. Diamond & Sapphire Anniversary Ring
  • Sapphire is part of the corundum family; along with ruby. It comes in an array of colors; aside from the ruby red. Colorful sapphires are called fancy sapphires and come in a rainbow of colors; from yellow to violet. There are also color changing sapphires that alter colors based on the lighting. There are so many different options with sapphires; you could easily create a beautiful anniversary ring as well as a birthday gift.
  • The most famous sapphire engagement ring is Princess Diana’s and now Kate Middleton. Using sapphire in an engagement ring is a great option for those who want something less traditional or want a specific color in the center rather than a white diamond.
  • Sapphires are 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. A diamond is 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. If we were to recommend a color stone in an engagement or wedding ring; we would recommend a sapphire; because of the hardness.
  • The symbolism of sapphire is truth, loyalty, and sincerity; among others. When you give a sapphire, you are professing your loyalty to your loved one.

With all these great features to a colored gemstone; you can’t pass up the opportunity to add sapphire jewelry to your collection.

Wedding Band Trends of 2010!

Wedding Band Trends of 2010!

Every year passes and trends in weddings and wedding bands changes.  Looking back at 2010, there were many different styles that were popular. Here are 5 of the top trends in wedding bands that were seen in 2010, that are sure to last a lifetime. 

Antique Band

  1. Diamond Eternity Bands:  Diamonds are forever!  What a better way to signify your love for eternity than with a band completely full of diamonds?  This has been a HOT trend for 2010, for both men and women’s wedding bands!  This style adds a touch of glamour and sparkle.  This everlasting sparkle displays diamonds encompassing the band as a whole and will sure to be a trend that will glitter for a lifetime together! Eternity bands are the perfect way to express your eternal love and devotion to one another!  
  2. Antique Wedding Bands:  What is old is brand new again!  Antique wedding bands became rapidly popular in 2010 and will probably continue into 2011.  Antique designs encompass delicate and subtle details such as milgrain designs, pave diamonds as well as scroll like engraving.  This style will offer timeless grace and elegance.
  3. Handmade Wedding BandsHandmade bands incorporate an eclectic style of braided and roped designs, made by expert jewelers with extreme precision and attention to detail.  Offering the individual a unique option to the classical tradition. 
  4. Colored Stones:  Color stones were big this year.  From engagement rings to wedding bands, many couples incorporated rubies, sapphires, and emeralds into their wedding bands.  They also included stones that signified something personal between each other.
  5. Custom Bands:  Many wanted something completely unique and personal to their relationship with each other. Custom wedding rings and engagement rings were another popular trend in 2010 and hopefully continue in 2011. Custom bands allow you to create your own design. The possibilities are endless. 

Whatever your sense of style, fashion or taste, these were 5 of the big wedding ring trends of 2010. Many will continue into this year.

All About Gems: Sapphires

All About Gems: Sapphires

Ever since Prince Charles gave Diana the stunning 18 carat blue Sapphire engagement ring, surrounded by 14 smaller diamonds, the world has been astounded with curiosity of the wonderful blue stone.  Now, 29 years later, Prince William gave Kate Middleton the exact ring that captivated the world so many years ago.

The stunning blue hue is the most famous and most valuable of all the tones in which Sapphires can take.   This intense and rich blue color is what stunned Lady Diana when Prince Charles proposed in 1981, and sure to stun Kate as Prince William proposed this past October 2010.  This sacred and treasured gemstone has been the choice of Royals, and Kings for centuries.  This beautiful blue stone has been a sign of romance, thus making it ideal for an engagement ring.

Sapphires can occur in all colors, except for red as that is considered a Ruby.  The most popular and traditional version of Sapphire is the blue Sapphire, with all other colors in the spectrum considered to be fancy colored Sapphires. These stones, most notably the blue sapphire, have been adored and loved for centuries.  Sapphires even adorn the British Crown Jewels and have been the symbol for many Royals through the centuries.

Sapphire Ring

Legends have surrounded Sapphires for centuries upon centuries, as they have become the most sought after, and had an array of tales of the powers of this beautiful stone.  Many have held this stone in high regard, as it has become a symbol for romance and faithfulness.  Sapphires are also regarded as the stone of devotion and enlightenment.  Its beauty gave way for it to become one of the most regarded talismans for travelers, as it is said to the ultimate guiding star, often having the ability to guide those to their directed path, or help them along on their journey.

For centuries, Sapphires have carried many legends, as well as it has been the most popular gem for Kings and other Royals, but it has also been a favorite among priests and other members of the clergy to adorn them.  This stone was a popular choice for many of the clergy as it was believed for centuries that the beautiful blue hue of the Sapphire represent Heaven.  One ancient tale suggests that Moses was given the 10 Commandments on stone tablets, made of Sapphire.   Thus making Sapphires an important and sacred stone to all those who behold the beautiful blue stone.

Although, these legends have surrounded the beautiful blue hued stone of Sapphire,  clergymen and royals are not the only stories of this stone, as it carries many other legends as well.  Through the centuries, it had been thought that Sapphires were the ultimate medicinal stone.  By having a Sapphire in your possession, you were able to cure what were thought to be incurable diseases and illnesses.  The use of Sapphires was also said to be able to relieve illnesses that concerned the eyes of an individual.  The blue hued stone was said to be able to remove all impurities.  Sapphires have also been noted as being able to revitalize eye sight, and produce many medical miracles.

Sapphire Ring

So with all these legends surrounding this mythical blue stone, where do these beautiful stones come from?  They are found in various parts of the world, but the most sought after hues are hailing from Madagascar presently.  What makes Madagascar so special?  Due to the rich, velvety hues that are produced in the region, as well as their impeccable quality, make Madagascar the perfect setting for finding luscious blue hued stones.  However, Sapphires can be found in other places such as, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, as well as a few surrounding countries.

From the beautiful blue hues, to the legends of medical miracles, it’s no wonder that this precious stone has thrived in popularity for thousands of years. Sapphire has been a source of strength as well as love and romance for those who surround themselves with the stone.  Symbolizing truth, sincerity and faithfulness, it is no wonder it has also become a popular choice in rings and other fine jewelry, and of late, in Kate Middleton’s engagement ring! Sapphires also bring its rich and intense hues to the birth month of September, making the stone a perfect gift for a loved one!  Check out WeddingBands.com for their variety of Sapphire rings, as well as their classic and contemporary bands, to make a sure fit to any Sapphire addition!

All About Gems: Ruby

All About Gems: Ruby

Ruby Anniversary Band

There is no stone that is quite as popular, or quite as legendary as the gleaming red beauty known as Ruby.  Due to its immense popularity over centuries, the infinitely valuable Ruby has many tales, traditions and mythical sagas that still hold true to this day and make Ruby one of the most cherished gems in history!

This illustrious and famous gem has been mined for over 2,500 years, and continues to be mined today, and can be mainly found in extraordinarily legendary places including, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Thailand to name a few, of which have been beloved for centuries.  Nicknamed the “Lord of Gems”, Rubies also hold the name of ‘precious stones’ in Sanskrit.  These elements just further add to the mysterious and legendary nature of the beautiful red stone of Ruby.

In ancient times, Rubies adorned the garments worn by warriors into battle, as it was said to make them invincible in battle and be able to protect them while they fought.  They believed by adorning them, they would then become victorious in battle, as they are protected from all evils that would be surrounding them as they fought.  Warriors also adorned themselves with this stone as it was said to protect an individual from poisons and have the distinct possibility to counteract any effects of being poisoned.  Rubies have a rampant history of being able to do a lot of extraordinary things.  According to European folklore, Rubies brought about health and wealth for the owner of the precious stone.  Besides bringing health to the individual in care of this stone, it was also believed to restore youth and vitality to the individual, simply by rubbing on your skin!

Other tales of the red Ruby include success and wisdom as well as ever lasting love to the lucky beholder of the stone.  Ruby has long stood as a great symbol of love and passion.  Traditions and tales of the stone according to the people of India say that the stone gives the beholder the ability to live at peace with all of his enemies.  Kings, heads of state and other notable Royals kept Rubies in precious possession for these reasons as well as the tale that they protect against vulnerability.  Royals sought after this stone because of its legendary ability to turn to a darken state when they are presented with danger, and return to their normal state when the threat is gone.

With this illustrious and well known history, it’s no wonder why this beautiful red stone has kept immense popularity for centuries! Due to its rarity, and overwhelming amount of history and legendary tales that surround the red Ruby stone, makes it extremely valuable and expensive.  These stones can even be more expensive than the rare, colorless diamonds!  Ruby’s distinctive red color is what differentiates itself from other and closely related sapphires.  This is a controversial issue when it comes to Rubies, as sapphires are categorized as all other colors minus the beautiful red color of a Ruby.  This draws controversy due to the pink to red colors of stones that can be considered in the realm of Ruby as well.   The most expensive and valuable of these stones are the deeper and pure, vivid red colors that make Ruby distinct from every other stone there is!

Ruby & Diamond Band

Thus with reputation and fame that comes with this precious stone, care and cleaning of the stone becomes a very important task.  To clean your gorgeous Ruby stone use only warm, soapy water.  Avoid the use of strong detergents and vigorous scrubbing of the stone, as it will affect the overall quality and beauty of the Ruby.  If you choose to clean this precious stone by means of an ultrasonic or steam cleaner, those are generally safe for the stones as well.  It is important for you to check the overall quality of your stone as well to ensure a lifetime of use, and to observe any fractures or cavities within the stone.  Fractures or cavities within the stone can damage the overall quality as well as the overall look of the stone.  Stones with poor quality can change color or even affect the clarity of the Ruby.  Also by having fractures or cavities within the stone can ultimately damage and destroy the stone as a whole.

In the end, one legend of this stone has remained constant throughout its popularity and solidified its status as the symbol for eternal love.  Thus making Ruby the absolute perfect gift for both the fifteenth and fortieth wedding anniversaries! Show your beloved just how important your love is with this everlasting symbol!  Ruby is also the birthstone for individuals who are born in the month of July.  So, spread, and share the love with this eternal symbol of love!

Speaking of eternal love, Congratulations to Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson!  Eric popped the question to Simpson with, what else, than a 3 stone ring, featuring a center stone of Ruby, flanked by two diamonds!  Looking for something distinct and yet traditional?  Check out the Ruby rings by WeddingBands.com!  As well as Diamond bands, and Anniversary bands that can be a great addition to any engagement ring!

All About Gems: Emeralds

All About Gems: Emeralds

No other gem has as many legendary tales and superstitions surrounding it, than Emerald itself.  The rich history of this stone starts off with tales as old as time, as Cleopatra was said to have a passion for this gorgeous green gem.  Cleopatra was determined to have the largest collection of this beautiful green stone and in fact, it was said that some of the Cleopatra mines were particularly designated for mining the precious stones only to be used by Cleopatra’s royal adornment and royal regalia.    

Legends and superstitions have swarmed this incredible green stone and rumors have been abundant and running rapid since their popularity of this precious stone has swelled.  The ancient world was the very beginning of many various tales of this luscious green stone.  One famous tale says it entitles the holder of the stone to have eternal youth and thus a rebirth.  Emeralds have also been greatly sought after for being capable of bringing about love to those who hold it near.   The most important of all legends of Emeralds comes from the ancient times, with Emerald said to bring the beholder the ability to foresee the future!

Emeralds have long been known, and utterly admired for their beautiful green color.  The gorgeous color it holds has been suggested to relieve stress and eye strain, simply by looking at the stone!   Emeralds have long been thought to be able to give the beholder the gift of eloquence as well as to become more intelligent and quick-witted.  Due to these factors, and immense popularity of the color of the stone itself, it has been used for hundred of years in both royal and religious adornments.  Emerald has been a stone of choice for many European countries, and Asian countries for centuries.   

Emeralds have been mined from the Earth since the days of the infamous Cleopatra mines in ancient Egypt.  Those have since been exhausted, and now Emeralds are still found naturally in a few countries around the world.  Presently, Columbia is the main source and largest producer of Emeralds.  These mines have been greatly recognized for their excellent quality and outstanding color.  Other main sources for unearthing this beautiful gem include Brazil, Russia and Zimbabwe.  Each of these places are recognized for their exquisite and deep shades.

Caring for these incredible stones is actually quite the easy task.  To clean Emeralds simply use warm, soapy water to polish to perfection! When taking care, and adorning yourself with this precious stone remember to stay away from harsh detergents as they can cause damage to the stone itself. 

See if these legends hold true for you! Check out this gorgeous stone, which also happens to be the birthstone for May! Emerald is the perfect color and representation for the spring renewal of this time.  Looking for a twentieth or thirty-fifth wedding anniversary present?  Emeralds happen to be a perfect present for that someone special as it represents each of those milestones.