Rachel Weisz Wedding Band!

Rachel Weisz Wedding Band!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz took the world by surprise last month, pulling off a James Bond-esque scheme, and marrying in a secret wedding ceremony.  The pair had a quiet, intimate wedding ceremony attended by only a few special guests. Now, Rachel has debuted her Wedding Band while on the set of NBC’s the Today Show.

Rachel selected a simple, plain gold wedding band. No word on her husbands band yet.

Rachel WeiszCourtesy of www.InStyle.com

The newlyweds bring their off-screen romance to the big screen, playing a married couple in the upcoming film, Dream House.

What do you think of their choice? Do you like the simplicity or would you have liked to see more opulence?

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress on Display!

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress on Display!

If you have missed the constant speculation and reporting on the royal wedding back in April, you are in luck. The Duchess of Cambridge has decided to put a few items from her wedding look on display in Buckingham palace.

In the display, you will find her stunning Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown, the complimentary veil and diamond tiara, as well as her shoes. Her intricate and beautiful diamond earrings are also on display. Missing from the collection, of course, is her stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring, and the Welsh gold wedding band.

Kate's Wedding Dress Goes on Display! | Kate Middleton

Courtesy of www.People.com
Kate toured the display hall on Friday with the Queen.

What do you think of the display? Would you like to see her wedding look in person?



A common element of many pieces of jewelry is gold. Used since before the 4th millennium BC, it also has great historical significance.

Gold is has been found on every continent in the world, and is also present in the oceans. However, it is most economical to mine it in large deposits.
Courtesy of www.Wikipedia.org

The durability of gold makes it valuable for use in jewelry and as a medium of exchange. Its decorative use in jewelry began as early as the bronze age in the 2nd millennium BC. Today, it is commonly used in men’s and women’s wedding bands, and almost any other piece of jewelry imaginable. Interest in using gold as a backing for paper monetary systems began in the 19th century, and continued until the 1970s. It is still accepted as a form of international payment in all nations.

In jewelry, gold is used in varying degrees of purity. Items range from being simply plated with gold on the outside to being 24 karat, or 100% pure, and everything in between. The most common degrees of purity are 10 karat, 14 karat, and 18 karat gold.

Gold also comes in different colors. Yellow is the most well known, but white and rose gold are also common colors.

For more information about gold and the other precious metals, see the precious metals page of WeddingBands.com

What do you think about gold? What color of gold is your favorite? What types of gold jewelry do you wear?

Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium Wedding Bands

An item that is growing in popularity is Titanium Wedding Bands. Less expensive than its gold, platinum, and palladium counterparts, titanium bands are an interesting choice for wedding bands.

Titanium is a strong, corrosion-resistant, lustrous metal used for a variety of tasks including uses in medical fields, as surgical instruments and implants. It is also used anywhere strength is required, but low weight is desirable, such as in wheelchairs and crutches. It is also used in a variety of sporting equipment, ranging from the frames of bicycles to the shafts of golf clubs and lacrosse sticks.

In jewelry, titanium is mainly used as an accent in men’s jewelry. Its use in men’s wedding bands is becoming more common, although many people still prefer the traditional gold, platinum or palladium bands.
Curtesy of WeddingBands.com
What do you think of Titanium jewelry? Would you consider purchasing a titanium wedding band?

Gold Prices Hit Record Breaking Prices

With everything on the rise, prices of gold have sky rocketed to historical proportions. The highest to date price per ounce of gold was hit today, April 28th 2011.  The price per ounce of gold is a shocking $1,535. Gold prices may still continue to rise, and break even more records as the rise continues.

Although prices per ounce of gold have been unpredictably on the rise, and sometimes fall, for quite a while now, only hitting the records breaking prices in early April.  The highest yet price per ounce came with prices soaring toward the end of the month.  It is yet to be seen whether this trend towards higher than ever prices will continue to rise, or if they will gradually rise and fall, as they have done so in the recent past.

Additionally, the prices per ounce for silver have also seen record breaking prices, especially at the end of this month.  Prices for silver now top $49.41 per ounce.  Prices for this precious metal may follow the trend set by its gold counter part and rise and fall.  However, only time will tell how much longer these record breaking prices will continue.