Justin Bieber Drops $25,000 on ‘Family Guy’ Necklace

Justin Bieber Drops $25,000 on ‘Family Guy’ Necklace

Justin Bieber is known throughout the world as the most popular teenage recording artist. However, he is not only a teenage heart throb, but has recently become a novice jewelry designer.

Justin Bieber's $25,000 'Family Guy' Necklace. Courtesy of TMZ.com

Justin has been seen sporting a necklace inspired by the TV show ‘Family Guy’ which he designed with the help of famous Beverly Hills jeweler, Jason Arasheben.  The necklace which depicts the character ‘Stewie’, is worth over $25,000, contains 12 carats of precious stones, including red, yellow, and green rubies for his shoes and clothes and white diamonds for his head. The entire pendant is set in 14-karat yellow gold.

FBI busts 5 year Jewelry Theft Ring

After five years and over 1.2 million dollars in jewels stolen from jewelry stores from across the country, the FBI has busted a nation wide grab and go theft ring.  Nineteen suspects in the Detroit, Michigan area were recently arrested in connection with this theft ring.

Between the years of 2006 and April 2011, these suspects are alleged to have stolen over 1.2 million dollars in luxury watches as well as diamond rings and jewelry.  This Detroit area based theft ring has been suspected of hitting over 45 stores within 22 states nationwide.  They would then ship the items back to Michigan.  The stolen jewelry was then sold back to Michigan area jewelry stores.  Over 50 individuals are suspected to have taken part in this ring, although 19 have been arrested thus far with connections to the ring.  These individuals have been charged with numerous counts including conspiracy, interstate transportation of stolen property, as well as aiding and abetting.

How exactly did this enormous group of individuals manage to pull off these robberies?  On the whole, a young male would enter the store and ask the sales person to look at high priced luxury items, such as diamond rings, diamond bands and luxury brand watches.  Then the individual would grab the merchandise and make a quick escape to a waiting car.  Sometimes the group would employ two vehicles for the theft, acting as a getaway and a diversion.  Most often the getaways would result in a high speed chase.

The investigation into this ring and possible arrests of more suspects is still an on going matter for the Detroit police department as well as the FBI.

Sister, Sister star gets married!

Sister, Sister star gets married!

Courtesy of People

The intimate ceremony was attended by about 300 special guests, who are very close to the happy couple.  Set on a vineyard, Mowry walked down the aisle in a gorgeous Carolina Herrera gown.  Accompanied by her twin, mom to be Tia Mowry, the couple exchanged traditional vows, and honored both of their parents in the ceremony. 

The overall feel of the wedding was of love, as Mowry said she was marrying her “best friend”.  The couple opted for a classic, sophisticated yet laid back vineyard look and feel for their guests when enjoying themselves at the reception.  The rustic vineyard reception was a delight, which saw the bride costume change multiple times, each time a more and more gorgeous gown.  The couple gave their guests a late night treat of a taco truck and other various desserts. 

Guests echoed Mowry’s sentiments saying, “You can tell they are best friends”.

Add Your Personal Style to Your BIG Day! — Like Kate did!

Catherine Middleton may be the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge, along with her Prince, the Duke of Cambridge, but her quintessential style and love of classic yet modern has had the whole world watching.  On her big day, Catherine donned a pair of gorgeous pave diamond earrings, a wedding day gift designed by her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, and yet again, another trend has ensued.

What is the newest trend that Middleton has inspired, well a globe?  Her simple drop earrings for her big day!  They are stunning, and were designed by her parents to match her borrowed tiara from the Queen.  The stunning pair incorporates Middleton’s new life as a Royal, as well as her “old” life as a commoner.  The main design of the earrings is an acorn shape, which is predominate in the Middleton’s coat of arms.   

What exactly makes this a new and hot trend for wedding jewelry?  Incorporating your personal style and taste, as Middleton loves classic, clean, designs is a huge factor in her personal life.  By adding the earrings to her wedding garb, Middleton has added one of the biggest personal touches to her big day beside the wedding ring of Princess Diana of becoming the newest Royal.  So, be ready to add your personal flair, style and class to the biggest day of your life!  Whether it be classic, lovely drop earrings like Catherine’s, or your wedding band jewelry, be sure to make a bold, yet very personal statement!

Hottest New Trends for Spring!

It was a hit on the catwalk at New York’s Fashion Week earlier this year.  It dazzled amongst the red carpet events that soon followed.  Now, it is the biggest trend in jewelry and accessories for the spring of 2011, and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon!

What, exactly is this new, and hit trend that is encapsulating the accessories market?  Hues of blue and green that is!  It was all over the red carpet for Academy Awards and other such awards ceremonies this spring, and is looking to become bigger and better as the year progresses.  Stars clamor for this hot new trend and experts say, that this trend could be seen in statement jewelry pieces as well as high end jewelry and accessories, well into the 2012 year.  Citing that its flexibility, pop of color and its added flair to any outfit, makes it well worth the additions to your collection!

The biggest trend that is also associated with the beautiful, bold colors, has been fashionable cuffs.  Yes, cuffs.  Adding to the bracelets and bangles trend, cuffs adorned with beautiful blue gems and green hues have been the biggest trend incorporating the biggest colors of the season.  They are easily transferable to any outfit, day or night and are a sure hit to dazzle any audience you may seek! 

Jump on board with the bold trends that are sure to be a popular statement for some time to come!