Comfort Fit Wedding Bands

Comfort Fit Wedding Bands


Are you currently looking for the perfect band with the perfect fit?  Wondering how to create the most comfort in wedding bands?  Wondering why ‘comfort fit’ is comfort fit and different from all other bands out there?  Look no further, we have all the answers to those questions, right here!

Comfort bands, by definition, are exactly what their name states, ‘comfort fit’.  The rings are made with rounded inside edges, in order to slide on the finger better and maintain overall comfort.  The style is popular among men and women who are looking for a little added comfort for their precious band. Another style is heavy comfort fit bands. They are thicker and more rounded comfort fit bands.  It also gives the band more ‘heft’ and weight.  It gives the individual wearing the band security that the band is there, yet the comfort in which they desire.  This is becoming a popular choice among everyone who chooses to wear a wedding band. Comparing the comfort fit and heavy comfort fit with the non-comfort fit bands, there is a difference. Non-comfort fit bands have a straight edge and not rounded.  Although, still stylish and wearable, it does not have the same comfort level as the comfort fit bands.

Comfort fit bands are preferred over non-comfort fit because they provide an ease to wearing rings.  The edges are rounded and do not pinch the skin.  It slides on easily for all day wear.  With this feature, comfort fit wedding bands are the perfect choice for individuals who do not wear jewelry on a daily basis or do not wear any jewelry.  Comfort fit bands are recommended to these individuals. It will add comfort to all day wear of the band.

Contemporary offers heavy comfort fit bands in a range of styles.  There are plain wedding rings, classic wedding rings, contemporary wedding rings and handmade wedding rings with the comfort fit feature.

Whether you’re looking for a comfort fit, heavy comfort fit or even a non-comfort fit band, has the perfect solution for you!  Everything from Classic to Contemporary, you will be sure to find the perfect band for you.  Make your big day even more special with the perfect and comfortable wedding band!

The Tradition of Wedding Bands

The Tradition of Wedding Bands

It’s a tale as old as time, and you are ready to make that walk down the aisle to claim your love forever.  But, ever stop to wonder what makes this tradition so special? Or why the exchanging of rings has become the most popular tradition, holding thousands of years of history and tales behind it? We all know the basic traditions of wearing a wedding band.  It goes on the left hand’s ring finger, and it tells the world that you are married.  For men, it usually is a simple metal band and for women it’s a band that can either closely match their engagement ring, or can be a decorative band that can be worn with or without the engagement ring.  So besides that, where does the ‘tradition’ come from in this very much traditional event?

Contemporary Band

Not that surprisingly, it definitely can depend on your culture, and your cultural background of your ceremony that would determine the traditions behind your adornment of the wedding bands.  Many cultures have developed their own traditions surrounding the ceremony itself, as well as the gifting of the rings to each the bride and groom.  Most of the traditions that occur today in ceremonies and gifting rings tie back to the original European culture.  According to some European based cultures and customs, the wedding ring is the final gift in a series between the lucky couple, which usually begins with the engagement ring.  Furthering European traditions, it has become a custom for both men and women to wear wedding bands.  This tradition has only become popular in the 20th century, as it were only women who usually wore the bands prior in history.  In Eastern Orthodox traditions and cultures, the exchange of these rings don’t happen during the wedding service.  Rather, they are exchanged between the couple at the betrothal, or the formal engagement of the couple.

Classic Band

One ancient tradition states that the ring shall be worn on the third finger of the left hand, for both men and women, participating in the tradition.  According to the Ancients, the importance of this finger stems from their belief that it was the holder of the ‘vena amoris’ also known as the vein of love.  Therefore, by encircling the finger, and thus the vein, the eternal love of the couple will reach directly to the heart of the beholder and the love of the couple will encircle the heart as a whole.  This has become a popular tradition because it shows the eternal and everlasting devotion and love that the couple has for one another.  It then becomes a symbolic reference to their love and becomes a symbol for the rest of the world that their heart belongs to someone.

Other traditions believe that the wedding ring should be worn on the third finger of the right hand, instead of the same finger on the left hand.  Some legends have suggested that the left hand carries negative connotations; therefore it should not be the holder of a precious object such as a wedding ring.  Since Ancient Rome, traditionally the right hand is raised when taking pledges or oaths, signifying the individual’s undying pledge to uphold their commitment.  Due to this ideal, the right hand has become a very popular choice among couples upon their marriage ceremony.

The traditions and significance of the bands itself, doesn’t just end with the couple becoming engaged, they carry an immense presence in the ceremony as well.  The wedding bands are usually held secure by a best man, or best woman for the ceremony, until it is time for the couple to exchange the rings.  The gifting of the rings carries a significant meaning, not only for the couple but in significance of the wedding ceremony as a whole.  Once it is time for the exchanging of the rings in the ceremony, each person exchanges the ring as an eternal symbol of love and commitment to one another.  The circle that the ring forms signifies not a beginning, nor an end, rather a lifetime of devotion to one another, and the commitment of your love forever.

Not only did the rings symbolize eternal love, but it also symbolized a trade.  Exchanging the rings was also done as a symbol of exchanging valuables.  Before, marriages were connected to the exchanging of valuables as it was customary of the time to trade items of value, for example land, or money, between the families that were being joined through the marriage.  A contract between the two families was being formed with the marriage. Over time, such traditions have diminished, and marrying your sweetheart for love has long since replaced the traditions of marrying for land or monetary ties.  Therefore, the rings in which one is wed in, have carried an even greater importance than ever before.  The ring now represents the love, commitment, devotion and trust that encircle the couple for a lifetime.  That is why choosing the ‘perfect’ rings have become even more an essential part of the planning process.  Each couple is different, with different standards, ideas of what is their ‘perfect’ band. After all, it will be worn for a lifetime!  Once you and your loved one have selected the perfect bands, now the only question that remains is which hand carries the most significance to bear the band?  After all, it will be there for a lifetime, so what is the ‘right’ answer?  Just like many of the traditions observed by individuals, it depends on your personal beliefs and traditions.  Whether it is ancient beliefs that still hold true or possibly other sacred values that hold personal meaning, the tradition should hold a special significance to the couple. It is completely up to the individual or the individual couple and which tradition they choose to follow to decide where the ring will be worn.

Which ever finger, or ring style, or type of metal you and your beloved decide upon for your personal ceremony, the symbol of the wedding band remains the same throughout, as a symbol of eternal love and devotion between the pair.  It is a symbolic representation to the rest of the world, your eternal commitment to one another.  Ultimately this becomes the most customizable and special event for the couple alone to share with each other. Search for your perfect band at!  Browse the wide selection of Classic, Contemporary, and Diamond bands!  Looking for rings that you both will enjoy and have more of a unique look rather than a traditional one?  Check out the Royal Duet line, exclusively at Make your day and the rest of your life special and check out the extensive selection from!

What’s Hot: Colored Jewels

What’s Hot: Colored Jewels

Want a way to openly express your personality?  Looking for just the right addition to your favorite outfit?  Well, the latest trend hitting the jewelry scene is the perfect solution!  Becoming all the rage, and topping the hottest trends for the upcoming holiday season is the use of colored stones.  This trend is catching like wildfire in the jewelry realm and giving individuals the opportunity to fine tune their jewels to their unique and distinct personalities. 

By becoming a fan of this newest trend, it allows a multitude of opportunities with the use of fewer pieces.  By adding unique, colorful splashes of color that reflect your personal style and having statement pieces in your collection, you will be able to simply transform any outfit, virtually with little effort.  These pieces are also easy to transfer from day to night wear, making it one less item to throw on before a night on the town.

Statement pieces are becoming all the rage as well.  These jewels are easy to make anyone stand out with a simple splash of color.  Take daring color and patterns to open up and show your own unique personality!

Take songstress Rihanna for example, who has always been a daredevil from songs, to red carpets, to fashion.  Here, Rihanna is taking her fashion to the next level while attending an event in the much anticipated, and star studded, Paris fashion week.  Paris, being the fashion capital of the world, is the perfect place to put this newest trend into action.  Rihanna tops off her brightly colored dress, with equally as bright yellow studded earrings.  She also adorns her wrist with a bevy of brightly colored bangles completing the overall look. 

Whether you would like to change up your style by adding different colored stones in your rings, or like Rihanna to go the extreme to add to your style, you cannot go wrong with this trend!  Check out the wide-ranging Royal Duet collection at to get started on your colorful collection today! Do you want to add some sparkle with that splash of color? Check out their collection of Diamond bands!

What’s Hot for Holiday ’10

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s never too early to start looking for some great gift ideas.  Whether your gift is for someone special, a loved one, or just a super stylish fashionista friend, with the help of JCKOnline, we have this holiday season’s top ten hottest trends in jewelry to help get you a jump start on the shopping season.

  1. Uncommon Jewels:  Now we all know the standard jewels, and the standard settings that they come in.  This season is all about stepping outside the box and taking new risks with fashion.  Why should there be anything different with jewelry? This holiday season the newest trend is to have unusual and sometimes even custom made pieces.  What a better way to stand out this holiday season than to have your own custom piece!
  2. Colored Stones:  Wanting to give someone you love, something that they’ll love, at a price that you’ll love as well? Colored stones are the next biggest thing, next to diamonds that is! Stand out with colored stones, and make any outfit pop with color.  You will be able to find bigger stones, or smaller stones in a wide variety of colors that is sure to make any fashion and jewelry lover happy all while bringing out their personality and style!
  3. Stackables and Convertibles:  Want a gift that will last the test of time?  Want to give jewelry that can be worn over and over again, but in many different ways?   With stackable or convertible jewelry, your loved one can keep their pieces and wear them a countless amount of times! They will be able to switch their jewelry choices up depending on their mood, personality, or just the current style.
  4. Layering:  The days of “less is more” are clearly gone with this latest trend! More and more people, designers and celebs are turning to layering their look.  Take necklaces of long, short and medium lengths to produce this hot look!  Who says this look is limited to being worn around your neck?  Layering has also become a big trend in bracelets this season as well!
  5. Bridal:  It’s that time of year! The time when men flock to surprise their significant others with none other than an engagement ring!  The timeless and biggest trend of the year, bridal jewelry.  Just remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and to check out the various cuts diamonds come in to get your someone special the perfect stone to match their personal taste! Not recently engaged? Check out our collection of Anniversary Bands sure to make that special someone’s holiday sparkle!
  6. Black and Brown Diamonds:  Yes, black and brown diamonds are becoming the newest and hottest trend to come across the style scene! They give an elegant twist on diamonds, and give the fashionista in your family something to show off this holiday season.  Find black and brown diamonds mix matched, and splattered across jewelry with other stones to make the perfect pieces for everyone.  These precious stones are a match made in fashion heaven for those who like to be on the forefront of style!
  7. Blue and Green:  Not a fan of the darker colors? Brighten up your holiday season with bold colors, such as blue and green!  Both of these colors come in a wide variety, sure to please anyone and everyone on your shopping list!
  8. Pendants:  Want to avoid getting the wrong size ring?  Pendants are the hassle free gift and one of the hottest trends to buy this upcoming holiday season!  This gift is easily customizable and can be given to anyone on your list!  Best yet—no worrying over making sure that you have the exact right size!  The only sizing required for pendants is deciding the length you would like the chain.  Other than that, you are sure to dazzle the recipient with this gorgeous and custom piece!
  9. Silver:  Want an option that is super stylish, but not as costly as gold?  Silver jewelry is rapidly becoming popular amongst designers, and is one super hot trend for this holiday season! Silver is not just silver anymore either! Just like other top trends of this season, it is sharing the spotlight with various accents, such as gold, and blackened accents to give this classic a twist for the fashion lovers!
  10. Under $2,000:  This holiday season, less is more when it comes to price points.  Economic times are limiting spending, but not limiting creativity when it comes to gift giving!  This season buy jewelry that is affordable, and on track with the latest trends! Any style on this list are sure to fit, and so get excited to shop and find the perfect gift!

There you have the tips and top trend’s of this holiday season! Get a jump start on your shopping by stopping by!  They have a wide variety of bands, and rings to fit your, or your loved one’s style!  Check out their selections of Plain Bands, Diamond Bands, Anniversary Bands, Handcrafted Bands and their newest collection of Royal Duet bands! Is Carrying “Royal Duet” Wedding Bands Line from Mert Jewelry Manufacturing

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October 1, 2010