6 Tips To Finding Your Perfect Wedding Ring And Save Some Money

It is said a wedding band has no beginning or end, which represents the boundless love and devotion that a marriage provides. With such massive responsibility tasked to a tiny ring, it’s no wonder shopping for the perfect ring can be stressful for bride and groom.

However, the right guidance makes this tradition not only hassle-free, but save you cash in the process. Below you will find six tips that will help your search for the perfect wedding ring.

1.) Know your size!

This will not only save a lot of back and forth sizing and resizing but it can help cut those costs. Knowing your correct size is the first piece of information needed when buying your ring. WeddingBands.com offers a free ring sizing kit to anyone who wants to size their finger from home.

A proper fit for a ring is for the ring to go on with ease, and come off with some resistance. The ring should be comfortable on your finger, but if you’ve never worn a ring before, it may take a couple of days to get used to the ring.

2.) Comfort fit vs. Non-Comfort Fit.

The differences between comfort fit and non-comfort fit rings are minuscule in features but massive in characteristics. Comfort fit wedding rings are about a millimeter thicker all around the ring and have a curved edge to them so less of your finger makes contact with metal.

This modification makes a world of difference in weight, price, and comfort. Comfort fit bands are heavier rings to achieve the desired effect. The extra metal means that the rings are heavier, more costly and more comfortable, which is more so the wider the ring.

A non-comfort fit ring will save you money, if you are on a budget.

3.) Find the metal that fits your style and feel.

Everything that sparkles in jewelry is not gold. While the vast majority of wedding rings still sold are made of precious metals like gold and platinum. Recently alternative metals such as palladium, titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel have increased in popularity.

Both traditional and alternative metals have their benefits and detriments. Gold, palladium, and platinum will last longer, while titanium, tungsten, and steel are budget friendly alternatives.

The material your ring is made of can determine not only the cost, but also the weight, color, and overall style. Whether you want a shiny, brilliant or a dull, matte look your metal choice will play a large part in this. Another piece to this is the finish of the metal.

4.) Know the metal finish that best fits your style.

Every ring style can an infinite number of looks just by changing the finish of the metal. The finish can range from a basic high polish to a hammered finish and everything in between.

A wedding ring’s style can be customized through the metal’s finish. A matte, sandblasted finish can make a plain ring more dramatic. A Florentine or brushed finish can ensure small scratches never show. Look through all the possible finishes and talk to your jeweler to ensure they understand the look you want.

5.) Know your diamonds and the 4Cs.

Usually you would see this tip for engagement rings. However, diamonds in wedding rings are seeing a resurgent in the last 5 years so it is important to know what kind of diamonds you are buying.

The 4Cs of diamond buying are simple enough in concept; color, cut, clarity, and carat. Details of each get confusing due to fact that we assign massive value difference to tiny differences in rocks.

To keep it simple for your sanity follow this simple guide. Everything VS in clarity or better looks the same to the naked eye. Some jewelers use lower clarity and charge the same as though they are higher clarity. Make sure you know what you are buying.

You cannot tell the difference between colors H to D when set in a ring. The cut of a diamond is the shape, symmetry, and polish the diamond is, which in smaller diamonds are less of a factor. Just make sure it is the shape you want it to be. Carat is the weight of a diamond and total carat is the total weight of all the diamonds in the ring.

6.) Make sure to value features of a retailer before making a decision.

You can buy the same ring at two retailers for the same price. If one retailer offers free delivery, ring sizing, lifetime warranty, a return policy, a ring box, and an appraisal with the purchase, and the other does not, they are not equal in value.

Make sure when you buy your ring that the retailer include ALL of these features. It will save you time, money, and headache. Most established, well-known retailers will supply their customers all of these.


Here at WeddingBands.com, we have found that a growing number of brides and grooms are interested in engraving a personal message into their wedding bands. And, since we offer free engraving, the possibilities are limitless!  Some of our favorite ideas:

Sometimes simple is best- A simple “Love Forever” can be a basic, but beautiful way to personalize your ring.

Surprise! – We love when couples pick the engraving on the back of each other’s bands… and don’t tell their other half what it says until it arrives in the mail.

Quotes- Short quotes, bible verses, and sayings can usually fit on the band. But, we have to encourage you to keep the number of words low. No one wants only half of their saying to show up!

Whatever you choose, be sure that it is personal, meaningful, and special to you and your future spouse.

What are some of your ideas for engraving? Are you having your bands engraved?

Christie’s of London: June Auction is “Important Jewels”

Christie’s of London: June Auction is “Important Jewels”

Have you ever wanted your own Victorian-aged tiara, and matching accessories? Well then you better hop a flight to London this June!  Christie’s auction house is hosting their famous “Important Jewels” auction this summer, and is featuring Victoria age jewels.

Courtesy of Christie's

The very important jewels were owned by the Countess of Rosebery and feature a tiara, brooch, bracelet, wedding band and matching accessories.  The collection of jewels is from the Hannah, Countess of Rosebery and will be the highlight of Christie’s of London’s June auction.  The tiara features both pearl and diamonds, as well as the matching brooch.  Through out the collection both large, natural pearls and clusters of sparkling diamonds wedding bands were used.  These ancestral jewels were made in true Victorian aged fashion, still looking every bit classic and gorgeous pieces. 

These pieces, which will be on display and up for auction in June 2011, are estimated to fetch around $426,000 to $2.1 million dollars when sold.  Want to check out these gorgeous ancestral pieces?  Hop on a flight to London this June!

Congrats to Paul McCartney, Now the details of the Ring!

Congrats to Paul McCartney, Now the details of the Ring!

Paul McCartney Ring

Courtesy of People

The happy couple became engaged after McCartney popped the question with a unique and original design that has great features to this 5 plus carat sparkler.  What in particular is the difference with this sparkler, rather than any other 5 carat or more sparklers you see these days?  This uniquely designer wedding ring has art deco influence.

What does this art deco wedding ring have that makes it so special and unique?  Well, it is a 5 carat plus round diamond set into platinum.  Not so different?  Within the sides of the band itself contains strips of onyx.  Now that is a rock and rock wedding band! 

McCartney wanted a special wedding  band that was also romantic and fun, which he surely received with this gorgeous, unique wedding band!  He also wanted a wedding  ring that was rare, and special for the couple themselves, which he surely received as well!

Congrats again to Paul and Nancy!!

Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: William & Catherine!

Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: William & Catherine!

With the whole world watching the beautiful and beaming couple gave the adoring crowds, not one, but two kisses to seal their fate on the big Royal wedding day.  The dapper William, dressed in traditional garb and his bride Catherine, dressed beautifully in Alexander McQueen were recently pronounced man and wife at traditional Westminster Abbey, not long before their balcony kiss.

With great pomp and circumstance the couple has steeped their nuptials in great tradition and grandeur.  With all the littlest details

Courtesy of People

taken care of with the slightest of care, the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, now known to the world as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, went off without a noticeable hitch.  So, with a ceremony filled with immense tradition, luster and grandeur, who would expect that one of the longest standing traditions, would be slipped upon Ms. Middleton’s finger?

That’s right, one of the oldest and longest standing traditions within the Royal family is the gold wedding band in which Prince William slipped upon his gorgeous bride Catherine.  The band itself may seem plain and ordinary.  However, the tradition of its creation, and where exactly the gold is from, has a history of almost a hundred years.

The wedding band itself is made with Welsh gold.  With William and Catherine’s new home being in Wales, this band also holds quite a bit of significance to the couple as well.  The wedding band was made by a family owned and operated business, in Wales, who has a long standing tradition of making the wedding band for the Royal family.  Wartski Company is the jeweler who crafted the band, and was founded in 1865.  Prince Harry has had the simple, yet stunning, gold band since its completion, sometime on Thursday until its big moment on the day of the Royal wedding.

It has been a long standing tradition with Royal brides to receive a gold band made of   Welsh gold on the day of their wedding.  The importance and value of this particular gold is due to its rarity and overall quality.  Welsh gold has been in use for Royal brides and Royal weddings since 1923 and has adorned such fingers as the Queen herself and William’s late mother, Princess Diana.

Traditionally, a simple gold nugget has been used from the Clogau Gold Mine for crafting the bands, or in this case band, as William has chosen not to wear one for giving on the wedding day.  However, due to its scarcity, the mine has since closed, and only silver mining remains.  The Queen was gifted with a small portion of the gold from the Welsh mine for particular use in Royal weddings.  Queen Elizabeth was bestowed with this gift by the British Royal Legion, prior to the mine closing.  Since William and Catherine’s engagement announcement in November 2010, Queen Elizabeth gifted her grandson with a Welsh gold nugget in order to craft Catherine’s wedding band.

And the rest, well now, is history!  Prince William slipped the beautifully crafted gold band on Catherine Middleton’s finger earlier today, as the celebrations continue through out the night at Buckingham Palace.  Congrats to William and Catherine, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!